Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nebraska bound!

John and I took a trip to Nebraska to visit Corey.  It was one of my favorite trips.  We had a GREAT time. (This has a LOT of pictures but John didn't want to forget one second).

As soon as we landed, we facetimed these monkeys

It's beyond cold in Nebraska.  

So, we rode the hotel's van towards the stadium. We met some fans how told us we needed to go to a bar with them first. :)

The cheerleaders walking by. The entire town shuts down. It was crazy to see.

The best bloody mary we have ever had.

Our new friends were a bit older than us, but man of man, could they party.  This was a shot we all did...they were wild, but we had so much fun!

The stadium was amazing. I have never seen so much red in my life.

After the first touchdown, the release of a gazillion balloons.

SOOOO cold!

The moment John had been waiting for! 

Corey, one of John's former players and best friends.

The next day Corey took us on a behind the scenes tour of the stadium.

And on our way home.....

Couldn't wait to see these monkeys

But first, one stop at Corey's to say goodbye

And the cutest text message....

Nick's big surprise!

Drew was so happy for Nick when he left for Colorado, but he was also so so sad.  He missed his buddy. Nick, being the incredible kid that he is, was going to be home for about 24 hours. He fit in a surprise to Drew at school.  
Best day ever.

Drew got called to the office....and had no idea why.  

That hug was worth it all!

And then he came out and played catch with him on the playground.

One of my all time favorite pictures.  He had brought Drew a game ball and I loved seeing them walk back to class together.  So cute!