Sunday, February 24, 2008

Photos by Luke

Luke loves to take pictures. Here are his latest photos....
His "time out" corner....he spends many minutes here. :) Just kidding....he is a very good boy. Most of the time.

His little brother and best friend
Nothing like George Clooney at the Oscars. So glad he captured this moment. :)
Another one of Drew...if you look closely you can almost see his top tooth coming in.
And his favorite book of all time

Saturday, February 23, 2008

7 months old

Drew just turned 7 months. He is moments away from crawling. I have to catch a video of it because he is like a little rabbit...he hasn't quite mastered the crawling part yet so he gets up on all fours and then hops his back feet forward (ok, my description is not doing it justice...) but it is pretty cute, take my word for it :)
Here is Luke at 7 months
And Drew...they both love to eat!

My 2 sons...a look back

I have been doing a comparision of the boys each month but missed the first few here they are :)
One week old


Drew (of course, both were photos by Papa!)

1 month old

Not sure they look alike but dang, look at Drew's Buddha belly!!

2 months old



3 months old



4 months old


Monday, February 18, 2008

My favorite little men

We have been very busy lately. The boys are finally starting to feel better, although John is still fighting a nasty cough. I am so glad to have our happy baby back, poor Drew was sick for almost a week. Drew also cut his first tooth on Valentine's Day. The tooth is huge, HUGE and on the top. He is also up on all fours and rocking like crazy but hasn't figured out how to move forward yet. I am sure it is only a matter of time. Luke's new favorite thing is puzzles. He can finish one pretty quick (and then he takes it apart and does it over and over and over again).

Here is Luke with his "backflack" packed and ready to spend the night at Momo and Papas with Kel and Ethan. (and yes, that is yellow marker on our front door....Luke was "making" us a picture, um, thanks.. :)

Drew, enjoying his first graham cracker.


Another day at the park

Luke and his buddy Braden. Yes, he had to wear the Mickey ears to the park. Well, at least we got our moneys worth out of the hat! :) He wears it, often.

"Come on Braden, this is where the big kids hang out"

Baby Jett

Best buddies

Friday, February 15, 2008

The boys and their girls

We had a play date with Elle and Maddie and the kids had a blast. Aren't the girls adorable....and so much more calm then our wild men! :)
Drew and his girls (Elle and Maddie)

Making music

Ok, it looks like Luke is sooo checking Elle out. :)

The group (and yes, that is Jett's foot....)

and he is still on the go......

Busy boys

Drew is trying so hard to crawl...he is rocking back and forth but can't get moving yet, I am sure it is only a matter of time.

nothing like roasting marshmellows at momo and papa's :) MY version of camping....John has a completely different idea (it has to do with sleeping outside, tents, and sleeping bags. yuck :)

happy boy with papa

Uncle Josh and his mini me

Monday, February 4, 2008

Poor Drew....

Drew came down with a nasty little bug yesterday. He has literally been asleep since yesterday morning...just waking up to eat a little. Drew is soo not a complainer too. It breaks my heart.
Here he is on Saturday night. He was belly laughing in the tub at Luke. I tried to get it on video but wasn't able too.
And here he is tonight. Think the poor guy feels terrible?? I can't wait to get my happy baby back.