Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Halloween! (I will catch up someday)

The boys LOVE to play with costumes so it always makes Halloween a big holiday in our house.  They spend WEEKS thinking about what they are going to be.  And then at the eleventh hour, Momo showed up with costumes from Costco and it was decided just like that.  Lesson learned.  :)

Luke was Thor....whose favorite part was the weapon.

Not sure if Thor has the ability to fly....

(ignore the dorky hair.  this kid showers too many times a day and I didn't have time to fix it.)  But dang, I love him. 

Charlotte was Little Red Riding Hood.  

Love her.  A lot.

And this monkey was an astronaut....

Love this crazy kid too.....

And the crazy crew of cousins...
Lila, Drew, Jett, Ben, Luke, Eli, Ruby and Charlotte

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pumpkin Carving time

Better late than never, right?
We finally got around to carving pumpkins (we missed our annual neighborhood party due to sick kids).

These two goofy kids were so excited about it.

Luke, of course, didn't want to get messy.  Drew had no problem though :)

The finished products...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Drew's first field trip

Drew had his very first field trip on Halloween to a local pumpkin patch at the wineries.  But he was most excited for the school bus.  As was my entire class.  We could have just driven around and they would have been happy. 

Two of his best friends, Presley and Hunter

and two others, Lucy Kate and Journey.  And yes, this is a theme this year, Drew loves the ladies.  (and unfortunately, the ladies love him....

Beau, Luca and Drew

Hunter, Dylan and crazy faced Drew.

Watching the pigs...

Heading into the corn maze

Maddox, Noah, Drew, Journey, Maisy, Lucy Kate, Luca and Joel

Drew feeding the goats.  

Another great Bronco season....

I am super behind on blogging...but here is a ton of pictures from our favorite time of year.

This little mess quickly learned the word "football" and the universal sign for touchdown.  

A very small section of the BBC (Bronco Bleacher Creatures)

Our favorite quarterback, Nick

Charlie was a party animal at football games.  Little girl hardly ever fell asleep.  

Nick is seriously the best.  He ALWAYS takes time for Drew.  Always.

After Drew spends time watching Nick warm up, he rarely watches the games.  He spends the rest of the time imitating him in the grass.  Every play, pass and handoff.

My Luke.

Drew with his buddy Rihanna

Drew, Rihanna and Olivia

Momo and Charlotte

Su'a (#21) who was the California player of the year and is off to USC next year.

Ben is quickly becoming the right kind of Bronco fan...not a Denver fan but a Vista fan.  He loves these games!

Drew spends A LOT of his time making notes and pictures about Nick.  This was one of my favorites.

And this one...

Kid just finished a great game, has a ton of people waiting to see him and he spends time with his number fan.  So SO CUTE!

Little Charlotte had to get in with the star :)