Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nothing better than Disneyland!

We have had a very busy week. We moved on Saturday, unpacked on Sunday and headed to Disneyland on Sunday! Luke practically couldn't sleep the night before....he was so excited. The trip was made even better by his best bud Ethan.

Jett has big time love for Woody and Buzz.....well, until it a huge 6 foot tall Buzz Lightyear. Check out his expression. :)

I never, ever, ever want Raquel to lose that adorable innocence that still asks the characters for their "autograph". Too. Freaking. Cute.
My boys and Buzz.

Papa and his boys in Mickey's house.
Pure and total wonder. Drew was mesmorized by the parade.

The big finale in the parade is Santa Claus. Luke took this moment to shout "Hey Santa, I want a leapster for Christmas!!"

And then he crashed. In fact, we had been sitting along the parade route for about an hour (had to get a great seat!) and Luke was so tired. He had missed his nap and was running on empty. He told me that he just wanted to go home, take a bath and put on his pjs. He is soo my son. We both love our sleep. :) Now, Drew was wide awake most of the way home..... :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

So thankful

Well, I have been a bit of a bad blogger, although with good reason. We are getting ready to move into a much bigger, better house. The kids are going to have a ton of room to run around and play. We are beyond blessed.
The boys had a Thanksgiving Feast today at daycare. I had my very own little pilgrim and indian.

Jett was also an Indian, not the happiest indian to be woken up so early, but a very cute one nonetheless.

And Luke's "homework" I was so proud that he said he was most thankful for his brother....not toys, or the park, or Disneyland. He is most thankful for Drew. What could be better than that?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Poor lil Drew

Poor Drew, he does not take illnesses very well. Even a simple cold seems to wipe him out. He was feeling terrible this week and spent a lot of time like this.....
But there is nothing that comforts him more than Bear. Poor Bear is getting so dirty (and as I told Drew tonight, a bit stinky) but oh how he loves him. Bear and his "Bink" (his blanket) are constant companions.
Ok, so he was feeling awful, he had thrown up and everything.....but apparently Drew has some short term memory issues because moments after puking, he was ready to eat. Only Drew. :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Luke has been waiting for Halloween for weeks. It has nothing to do with the candy but everything to do with the costume!
Drew, loving Ama.
Drew is our little love bug, he loves to kiss...well, apparently anything. :)
Bus most of all his brother. And what could be better than a monkey and Buzz sharing some love.
Braden joined our adventures and I think he makes the cutest little lion ever!
The group shot. Raquel and Ethan didn't make it into ANY of my pictures because they have reached the age of running from house to house to get as much candy as possible. By this point in the night Luke was begging, BEGGING anyone to go back to Ama's house to rest. Drew would just randomly stop and want to check out his goods.
"To infinity and beyond!!" Luke did tell me repeatedly that I forgot to get him a rocket so he could fly. Sure there little buddy.
And Jett, as a pistol packing pirate!
We finally made it back to Ama's and Luke wanted to check out all his candy. I told him he could pick out one piece.......guess what he picked?

I didn't think kids actually ate those! He was thrilled to see he had multiple boxes of good ol DOTS. :)