Wednesday, December 28, 2011

friend christmas

After we got out of school for Christmas break, we celebrated with our white elephant Christmas party with our friends.

The kids love any excuse to get together.

Devyn and Drew

Before we did the adult gift exchange, we had one for the kids.

Cute lil Peyton

I don't have any pictures of the adult gift exchange but there were some good ones! :) Putt n Potty anyone?? :) John and I came home with a camo coffee mug :)

Our last trip to Disneyland

We took one last trip to Disneyland before our passes expired. Thanks again Momo, we LOVED this present!!

My Drew, rocking his jersey after the big win that week. :)

I didn't take too many pictures but here a few that John captured.

We HAD to go to Soaring Over California at least one more time (it is by far Luke's absolute favorite). Drew, Lila and Ruby stayed off with Daddy and Momo. I came across these pictures later. Little goons.

Drew's Holiday Show

Drew had his first performance with his preschool program. I was VERY surprised to see how seriously he took it. He practiced all.the.time. and was so ready for his big moment :)

Daddy and his girl (of course we had to get there an hour early to get front row seats) :)
Drew and his buddy Hunter

Drew told me that he got to be a reindeer in the show. The reindeer's name? Donald. You know, Dancer and Blitzen. :)

His favorite song, The Snowball

His besties....Dylan, Presley, Drew and Hunter

They had a surprise at the end with Santa showing up for the kids

Here is Hunter telling Drew that that this Santa couldn't possibly be real. Yeah, wth?! She told him that he wasn't fat enough.

Luke (of course) told him that he was for sure real because he thinks he saw his sleigh outside the school. Oh I hope he never changes:)

Happy 60th Papa!

We helped Papa celebrate his 60th birthday. It was a little bit of a surprise party....

Momo got him a yummy cake to celebrate the big event.

yep, apparently a little TOO yummy. Lila dug her hands in way before the party started. Erin had some mad skills to repair it. :)

Sleepy Charlottte

I love this girl. I think this is when we were having a more serious giving thanks for our food. and papa :)

and you should have seen her pop those suckers off

the best part of the party (in my opinion) was Papa opening his gift from us kids. It was a total labor of love. We contacted as many people from his past (and present) to write a memory or good wish for him.

We compiled the responses (and we got TONS) into a book.

We were able to get letters from old friends, coworkers, former basketball players, family...

We even included a few embarrassing pictures of Momo and some very funny stories

It was one of the most fun things to put together. We loved hearing everyone's stories and all the great things they had to say about Papa.

Of course, then it was on to CAKE!

with 60 candles, he needed a little help ;)

cheesy boys

Those great Hizon and Valdes kids even brought entertainment :)

It was a great night! Happy birthday Papa!!!!