Monday, April 28, 2008

The best sound ever!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Silly, silly boys

Here are a few random recent pictures of the kids. Poor little Drew got a busted lip the other day. He is trying to keep up with Luke (or he is a little dare devil). He tries to climb on EVERYTHING and then proceeds to get bumps and bruises. He is very different from Luke. If Luke stubs his toe he needs, I mean NEEDS, 87 band-aids. Drew just wants to keep going.

Luke loves nothing more than splashing in the bath with his brother. Here he is laughing because Drew was going CRAZY in the water. Seriously, water everywhere.

John and I were doing some Saturday morning chores. Luke was *suppose* to be cleaning his room....uh, that wasn't quite what he was doing. Here he is, in full Woody attire, reading in Drew's crib. Guess he needed a quiet space :)

Maybe Drew's bruises come from the fact that he likes to try and stand using doors to steady himself. Not the smartest idea there, Drew. But, that grin gets me everytime.

Caught again....(and Daddy dressed him, can you tell? that would be Luke's (size 4T shirt....)

How these two spend most of their time, giggling...well, and causing trouble. :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

9 months

I can't believe that Drew is 9 months old. We had his doctor appt on Wed. He is a solid 21lbs. I think the majority of that weight is in his thighs :). He was in the 50th percentile for weight and 65th for height. He is about the same as Luke was.
On another note, Uncle Sean (he left when Drew was about a week old) is coming back from Australia on Tuesday. Yeah!

Luke at 9 months.

And Drew, this morning.

Our first family hike

The weather has been fantastic lately. We took the kids for a hike on the plateau...I know, how granola of us :)

Luke, Daddy and Drew (thanks for the backpack Miss Sarah, Drew loved it!)

Luke swore this was "San Diego's" secret cave. (Go, Diego Go for anyone with kids).

Drew enjoying the scenery.

As you can tell Luke was always about 20 feet ahead of us. Thank goodness the most dangerous thing we saw was little black beetles. :)

We also went on a walk around the neighborhood a couple of nights later. We are beginning to teach Drew baby signs...he has learned the sign for "more". Here he is signing more furiously, I guess he loved the wagon.

And Luke is now at the age of silly faces. Great. ;)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Play Ball!!

One of John and I's very favorite things to do is go to baseball games. We took Luke to his first game when he was just about 6 weeks old. He has loved it ever since. :) I think Drew is a fan already too.

As you can see, Luke is "practicing" catching that fly ball.

At Petco they have a little kids baseball diamond where they can play baseball. Um, Luke was BY FAR the youngest one attempting to play. Here he is in...uh....outfield getting ready to make a big play.
and there went the ball....
Drew, just being Drew.

Luke, loving on the Blue Cat

The stadium also had a huge kids playground that Luke loved. When we left (he and Drew were beyond tired) but he just started sobbing, "I don't want to leave this place"

and one more of Drew. just because.

Mmmmm chocolate....

I don't think babies are suppose to have chocoloate until at least a year. Oops. Well, here are pics of both boys at about 8 months old enjoying their first Girl Scout cookie. Yeah, they loved it.

Rinny is the best!

Luke has been beggin Rin Rin to bring Baby Jett over to play. Well, she came over. And brought a freaking bounce house. Who can compete with that kind of fun?! (And yes, we set it up in the living room)

Braden and Jett got bored with bouncing so they decided to move on to other things.