Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Silly, silly boys

Here are a few random recent pictures of the kids. Poor little Drew got a busted lip the other day. He is trying to keep up with Luke (or he is a little dare devil). He tries to climb on EVERYTHING and then proceeds to get bumps and bruises. He is very different from Luke. If Luke stubs his toe he needs, I mean NEEDS, 87 band-aids. Drew just wants to keep going.

Luke loves nothing more than splashing in the bath with his brother. Here he is laughing because Drew was going CRAZY in the water. Seriously, water everywhere.

John and I were doing some Saturday morning chores. Luke was *suppose* to be cleaning his room....uh, that wasn't quite what he was doing. Here he is, in full Woody attire, reading in Drew's crib. Guess he needed a quiet space :)

Maybe Drew's bruises come from the fact that he likes to try and stand using doors to steady himself. Not the smartest idea there, Drew. But, that grin gets me everytime.

Caught again....(and Daddy dressed him, can you tell? that would be Luke's (size 4T shirt....)

How these two spend most of their time, giggling...well, and causing trouble. :)

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Raquel & Ethan said...

where is drews feet? they are sinking..."ethan"