Monday, January 31, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town

Every year Santa makes a visit through the city before Christmas.  Drew had to get a hat for the occasion…


thanks for letting me take your picture there little buddyIMG_9823


waiting and waiting and waiting…..IMG_9828

i think santa literally laughed out loud when he asked Drew what he wanted for Christmas and he said Reggie Bush and Drew Brees wearing a white shirt…IMG_9833


…..until next year……IMG_9850

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Better late then never….

Even though Christmas seems like a million years ago I am finally getting around to blogging it.  We continued many of our same traditions……with the first being Christmas Eve at Momo and Papa’s house….

and Momo’s tradition of matching pj’s…


…and every year we have a pic of these two loving on each other…..IMG_0470


our newest addition…..little Ruby AnnIMG_0474

we also have to force the kids into family group shots……as you can tell, Ethan loves this tradition….IMG_0480

love them.  IMG_0482

Rin Rin’s little familyIMG_0487

and our little familyIMG_0495

my two favorite boysIMG_0497


Josh and Nikki…..and little Benjamin who will be making an appearance in May.IMG_0502

wow…..36 years of wedded bliss?! :)IMG_0509

Momo and Papa and crew……(nice face Drew)IMG_0514


before we let the kids open presents, we require a group shot.  never successful but done year after year….IMG_0521

the  one thing that Drew really wanted was football guys….specifically Drew Brees wearing a white shirt. Rin Rin came through.IMG_0530


More football guysIMG_0538

and Luke was thrilled with all his Star Wars gear.  But the best present of all was Momo and Papa’s gift to the family…..Disney annual passes (and a vacation there the following week)  To say the boys were excited would be an UNDERSTATEMENT IMG_0541

Christmas morning…. Luke’s kinder gift to usIMG_0554

Coming down the stairs to see Santa’s lootIMG_0557


Total excitement!!IMG_0561

More football….


….and more Star Wars IMG_0563

a little bit of quiet time before we head off to Uncle Wade and Aunt Mel’sIMG_0567

and spoiled again….this time with dueling light sabers and guns…IMG_0576

which of course meant wars against Daddy and Uncle Wade (for the record, I am not sure who had more fun… or adults….)IMG_0578





Love Drew’s face on this one….total victory!!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

the forgotten blog hasn't been forgotten. my computer totally crashed but it is back and working so expect a lot of updates this weekend. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Luke’s “share”

Every Tuesday is Luke’s share day.  The majority of the time he brings a toy or picture….or quickly runs to my room and grabs something out of my purse if he forgets :)  Well he has been asking for weeks to bring Drew as his “share”  On the day before Christmas break I had brought Drew to spend the day and Luke finally got to share his “favorite thing” :)


It was seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen.IMG_0066

The kids had the option to ask a question or share a comment.  The majority of the comments were, “I like your brother” or “he is cute” :)IMG_0067

Drew was a bit embarrassed about it…BUT loved the attentionIMG_0068


Luke asked Drew if he wanted to say anything…..Drew said “football”  of course. "IMG_0070

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The last game of the season…..

The good ol Broncos made it to the CIF finals again this year.  Luke decided to bypass the festivities this year and hang with Ethan…of course, Drew would never dream of such a thing.  He lives for the pigskin action.


….and pretending he is a big boy the whole time…..



Kaiden and Nolan, tailgating before the big gameIMG_0007


Our tailgateIMG_0009





The crew of kids getting pumped up for the game (little did they know that we had hours to go…)IMG_0016 Drew and Sidney….no clue what the face is about


a bit better…..IMG_0019

finally…..and by the way, he was obsessed with the blue and white hair and tried to refuse to bathe for daysIMG_0020

when we finally made it inside we still had 82 minutes till game time…IMG_0024


National AnthemIMG_0035

Almost ready for kickoffIMG_0036

The mighty little Broncos didn’t come away with the big win. :( After the game here is a pic of John (very blurry) with Cory, a player he is very close to.IMG_0037



Derrick, Daddy and Drew….we will have to cheer on Derrick in Utah nowIMG_0051

……until next season……..