Thursday, July 29, 2010

What’s really important in life….

On Sunday I received some devastating news about an old friend, one I have know for over 25 years.  Cheree was brutally murdered and it still is something I can’t comprehend.  She died just two days before the 14th anniversary of the death of another close friend in that same small, small group of girls.  Sara was killed by a drunk driver.  Continue to keep them in your prayers.  And as I have learned, way too often, to hug your little ones a little tighter and never lose an opportunity to say I love you.

I am going to steal the words that someone put on Cheree’s facebook wall….

Cheree, yesterday I rode for you, as you can no longer feel the wind in your hair. Today I ran for you, as your soles will never touch God's green earth again. Tonight I will dream, for all the dreams that you once had. And tomorrow, tomorrow I will live for you, for every day that you touched someone's life, I will...l strive to do the same. Thank you for inspiring me to live.

(cheree and her mom)


Momo had bought the boys tickets to El Capitain months ago to have a Toy Story 3 extravaganza day and it was such the perfect thing to go do.  It has been hard to not watch the news and it was wonderful to get away and watch the boys experience such joy.


We started off with the movie.



and then right after headed over to the FUNZONE.  It was like a mini Disneyland :)


attempting to pose for a picture


Drew kept talking about getting to meet Buzz, Woody and Jessie….and then when we got there, it was a no go.  Apparently they were way too big.  Luke and Jett loved it though.


I love this.  As we walked in the boys couldn’t believe their eyes.  All three started dancing…total happiness.


Drew meeting a “safer” Jessie.  :) She is still his “favorite girl”


There was a bunch of things for the kids to do….and the best part, there weren’t that many people there. 



   IMG_0333 IMG_0334

 IMG_0335 IMG_0336

Tons of toys to test out…


And a show….of course Luke, little bossy rule follower, wanted to make sure that Jett was quiet and respectful.  As you can see, Jett listened….look at his hand over his mouth.





Oh the Ferris Wheel….initially the boys wanted to go on this.  Once we got in there they weren’t quite sure.  I kept my feelings to myself (I HATE them). I thought one time around and it will be over.  Oh no, it was the looongggesssttt ride ever.  I thought we were never getting off.





Lila hated the big ol characters too


How little do my boys look??



I love that Lulu decided to pose :)




IMG_0389 IMG_0390


Thank you Momo for an incredible day.  They had the time of their lives….although they aren’t really displaying that in this pic.  


….but hey….you look cute!


Luke really wanted to see the Hollywood sign… this is from the car.  Just for him.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

another vacation….dang we love summer!

we were home from the beach for only about a day or two before we took off on another one!  yes, these children are SPOILED!  Luke is turning into a great reader and we used it to our advantage while we were making lunch :)


   Luke rarely came out of the water.  We went down to the pools for a night swim and I think Luke was almost delirious at this point.  He LOVED the water.IMG_9529


Cannon Ball!IMG_9537

Silly boy found some goggles in the dollar spot.  They are terrible.  I need to get him a decent pair but he was determined to use these….and inevitably had to pour the water out every single time.  IMG_9543

Momo bought the kids some splash toys.  Drew proceeded to carry the football toy everywhere. IMG_9550

Lila loved the water too.  How cute is she?!IMG_9570

My fearless boyIMG_9574


See the football right above his hand?  He was playing “catch” with himself.IMG_9576

Luke is officially a swimmer :)IMG_9578


More football :)IMG_9582

Rin Rin and her girlIMG_9589

Jett, oh so happy….IMG_9590

Sunday, July 18, 2010

land of the free and home of the brave!


After our La Cresta parade, we hit up the annual 4th of July day bash at the Valdes.


The boys found Max’s stash of Nerf gear and a war broke out.  Jett and Uncle Sean “hiding” from the Files boys.  Doesn’t Jett look menacing?IMG_9445


…here they come!IMG_9449

way to step into the line of fire boysIMG_9457

Jett and Uncle Sean’s gun got jammed so Drew declared himself the winner! :)IMG_9464

  in action….IMG_9467


Luke’s favorite was the scopeIMG_9473




so patriotic, huh?!IMG_9480

showing the muscles IMG_9483


Thanks again for another great party Valdes family!  Our kids look forward to it every year….only a few more years and they will be able to participate in the water polo matches!! :)