Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break!

Momo spoiled her grandkids (and kids…) by taking us to Palm Springs for the night….

3-30 106

Lila already loves her some vacations (and her Momo) :)

3-30 004

….she also LOVED the water.  The girl was a fish.

3-30 010

Now Drew was a different story.  Remember my boy who leaped off rocks into the water.  Yeah, he now decided that he didn’t like to get wet.  


3-30 019

3-30 022

Jett and Luke loved it though!

3-30 024

Little Lou

3-30 031

So, being the mean mommy that I am, I decided that he needed to get in the water.  I knew he would have fun :)

3-30 034

Totally hating me…..

3-30 038

but literally moments later, loving it!!! See, I know my boy…… :)

3-30 052

       Luke, my cautious one, wore swim floaties in the wading pool.  Yep, the whole foot and half of water :)

  3-30 046

He adores her.

 3-30 049 

   3-30 082


 3-30 086 

Best buddies3-30 109

Saturday, March 20, 2010

the reason we love California….

it was a beautiful day so we decided to meet Rin Rin at the park.  Drew wasn’t able to go because he was feeling like this…..terrible.

3-20 058

Jett taught Luke about dandelions which he learned from Little Bear….a prominent teacher in his life :)

3-20 067

 3-20 068

his cheek is still a little puffy from a run-in during soccer this morning…i think he is secretly proud of this “war injury”3-20 070

The little miss got her hands on her mommy’s coffee.  When she took that away, she found auntie’s. 3-20 076

…and she loved it :)

3-20 075

here she is trying to feed the non-existent birds3-20 102

cutest little legs I have ever seen…..3-20 104

Luke adores his cousin….when she fell in the sand he wanted to be the first to come to her rescue3-20 106

poor baby with all these boys….3-20 107

  love her.

3-20 111

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Way to go Stingers!!!

Today was the official first day of soccer!  Luke’s game was at 8 AM.  He wanted to make sure he was ready on time……..so he got up at 5.  Lovely.

3-13 031  

I am not quite sure who was happier about soccer…Luke, or his biggest fan, and sport lover brother, Drew.

3-13 042

Why does he look so old in this picture?3-13 051

And the chaos begins! :)3-13 059


Luke’s first official goal! (see the ball in the net?)  And the best part, the-tongue-out-and-run-back-to-the-huddle… :)

3-13 071 copy


Drew made a new friend, Josh, and they played like the big boys….we just had to keep them off the field. :)3-13 076

ok, so you can’t really see the kid in the first picture (the blonde little boy behind Luke) but moments after this he was clothes lined by the kid.  He came running up to Daddy screaming he was choked.  And wanting to know why, oh why, would a kid want to choke him in soccer?  HA!  Little did he know that that kid was the most aggressive little guy…I think he was confusing the rules of tackle football and youth soccer :)

3-13 078 copy

Best buddies and team mates.  Look closely at Luke’s hand….I think he was trying to keep score.  At this point it was about 8-0……us.  Not sure if he would be trying to keep as close of track if it was the other way around.3-13 089

Well….maybe Luke needs to be schooled on some of the rules too :)3-13 095

Brayden and Luke, cheering on their team3-13 100

Halftime!  3-13 105

Starting to look like actual soccer! :)3-13 106

keep your head down and run!!!3-13 109

Go Luke!!3-13 114

too stinkin cute….3-13 117

and a huge hit for the kids…..the parent tunnel at the end of the game!

3-13 124

um……and who is that running with the other team????3-13 120

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The start of soccer season

Luke started soccer today with Coach Daddy.  Besides the fact that it looked like herding cats, the kids had fun!  Expect many more pictures of this on the blog for the next couple of months. 

3-1 015

Luke and Brayden

3-1 027

Drew wanted so badly to be a part of the fun.  Luckily, he had his good buddy Ally to kick the ball around with….3-1 018

….and to take him to the playground….3-1 024

The team.  They are still deciding on a team name…right now it is down to Chargers, Broncos, Dragons or Bride.  (don’t a few of those seem like Daddy led names?!?)  :)3-1 026