Saturday, March 20, 2010

the reason we love California….

it was a beautiful day so we decided to meet Rin Rin at the park.  Drew wasn’t able to go because he was feeling like this…..terrible.

3-20 058

Jett taught Luke about dandelions which he learned from Little Bear….a prominent teacher in his life :)

3-20 067

 3-20 068

his cheek is still a little puffy from a run-in during soccer this morning…i think he is secretly proud of this “war injury”3-20 070

The little miss got her hands on her mommy’s coffee.  When she took that away, she found auntie’s. 3-20 076

…and she loved it :)

3-20 075

here she is trying to feed the non-existent birds3-20 102

cutest little legs I have ever seen…..3-20 104

Luke adores his cousin….when she fell in the sand he wanted to be the first to come to her rescue3-20 106

poor baby with all these boys….3-20 107

  love her.

3-20 111

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