Sunday, November 27, 2011

An attempt at a Christmas shoot….


We got the whole fam-damily together when Uncle Matt was in town to try and take some pictures of all of us for Christmas cards.  Here are a few of the pics.  I am not going to post the family pics in case we decide to use them for our cards… this point though, my family might need a reshoot.  Pics with 20some people is CAH-RAZY! :)


Adorable pic of Erin’s girls.  Love them.


My favorite girl _E8V0063

The girls of the family (minus Nikki who hadn’t got there yet)_E8V0064

cute lil Ben_E8V0097

My boysIMG_8065 (2)

 IMG_8067 (2)

Momo, Papa and the crewIMG_8069

 IMG_8073 (2)

Charlotte was done. She wanted her thumb and sleep.IMG_8076 (2)

 IMG_8077 (2)


IMG_8082 (2)

Another crazy one of Momo, Papa and the crew o’ kids


IMG_8084 (2)


IMG_8088 (2)

Uncle Matt (insert wife and baby someday) :)


Momo and her favorite…..HA! it’s really Ruby, we all know :))))))

IMG_8146 (2)

Luke and his best buddy Ethan

IMG_8157 (2)


These two are too stinkin cute….they end every visit with A LOT of “I love you’s”  Cutest. thing. ever.









Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just hanging out

A few random pics from around the house.

Love this girl. Love this boy.  (and love her hair :)


  finally getting big enough to play with some toysIMG_8305

Playing football in the front yard….and yes, I know, his clothes don’t match.  He was wanting to play Green Bay against the Browns.  Hopefully Santa will be bringing this boy some jerseys because he DESTROYS his closet looking for random color combinations.  (oh and he plays football. against himself.  so weird). :)IMG_8311


Big brother joined in on the football madnessIMG_8332





and one from inside….my little 3 month old :)IMG_8286

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bronco football


Bronco football season is flying by….Luke brought a friend, Mack, to a game a few weeks ago (coming straight from 1st grade tie-dye day :)IMG_6993


John took the camera for a bit to get some shots of the game.  This is the famous Bronco Golden AllianceIMG_6995

The big boys before the gameIMG_7007


John’s favorite player, CoreyIMG_7011


Right before running out on the fieldIMG_7015







Ummm…boys, the field is the other way :)