Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ruby is 1!


Way back in September little Ruby turned 1.  I think she holds the record for fastest first year ever.  Literally flew by.



Little girl is the sweetest thing.  She has come to kinda love her auntie.  I mean she doesn’t scream when she looks at me anymore so I take that as total progress.IMG_6116

Lila with the birthday girl


Ok, I was super impressed with the My Little Pony cake….especially when I learned it was ALL Sean’s masterpiece.  Major props!IMG_6136



I know, I know, this picture is totally blurry but Luke FAH-REAKED when Rin Rin served him up the mountain.  That is love people.IMG_6160

:( Poor Drew….no mountain for him IMG_6165

Ruby is the first baby I have ever seen that didn’t want the cake because she hated getting dirty.  Such a diva that girlIMG_6167


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