Monday, January 21, 2013

Santa came!

Biggest day of the year to the kids in this house.  The night before...

Charlotte's doll house (a last minute clearance find at Target!)

Luke's grade did a Christmas around the world theme this year and a one of the teachers told me that they were talking about Christmas morning traditions and she said asked the class if they got to run downstairs Christmas morning.  She said they all said yes.  Except Luke.  He raised his hand to say that he didn't because his mom wanted to go down first to take pictures.  :/ thanks luke. HA!  So, this year....tradition was out the window.....they checked it out without us. :)  

(But then had to wait a good 45 minutes to start opening presents because little sis decided to sleep in :)))

But I still got pictures of my boys.  

lovely ;)

Drew got a Colorado State hat in his stocking and didn't want to take it off.  

Wouldn't be a gift giving event for this kid if he didn't get football guys.


Dual fires

with 3 kids it is impossible to get a decent picture.  

my bookends

My boy. He loves the magic of this holiday. I hope it doesn't end. 

Dad helped Charlotte open her first (of I am sure many, many) princess

my Drew

She spent hours playing with her doll fact it is still in our living room. Definitely a favorite.

One of Drew's favorites.....wait for it.....

he looks so shocked...

but what would Christmas be without another helmet ;))

Luke was most happy with some knock-off Star Wars "beats"  he is getting old. way too fast.  in fact just the other day he told us he wanted a v-neck and skinny jeans.  john about died.  for the record, he didn't get clothes :)

and this one is 5 going on 15 year old...

This was the big present this year.......

Their very own ipods (they really are old iphones but they are using them as iPods and it drives me CRAZY when we are out in public and they ask for their "phones"...slow down there kids, I did NOT get a 5 and 7 year old a phone)

They couldn't believe it! :) And it was right in time because we were leaving the next morning for a basketball tournament in Vegas.  Yep, headphones and ipods.  That is what I call one smart momma!!!

Erin had gotten Charlotte this necklace and silly girl refuses to take it off.  

It was a quiet Christmas after that! :) HA!!

And my best Christmas presents.....LOVE these three!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Phone dump

This is a loooong post but I finally emptied my phone of all the pics and I wanted to put them in the blog.

Most were from this summer.

My girl's favorite activity, emptying the cupboards.  All. the. time.  Drives Daddy crazy :)

Drew's favorite summer activity, hitting up the local farmer's market.  He loves the fruit.

Luke built John and I lego beach house. He said someday he is going to build us a real one.  {fingers crossed} :)

Charlotte gets so excited when her dad gets home from football.  

celebrating 10 years together (dating anniversary).  best 10 years of my life.

on our way to Charlie's first parade

all decked out in the red, white and blue.  and hitting up our favorite party place, the Valdes

John had a basketball game in Point Loma so we took the boys to Hodads in OB.  

Charlotte got 4 teeth.  At the same time.  Heaven help us.

As soon as this girl could crawl she wanted freedom.  And she was a slippy little worm when she wanted DOWN.  HA!

My boy turned 5. 

and was most thrilled with a sweat band.  

Luke at 7. Still loving to climb in bed with us.  Not sure how much longer that will last :(

Taking after her brother in the acrobatic department.

Scored some Padre tickets and took the kids, after a quick stop at Yardhouse for happy hour.  

Charlotte loves baths.  LOVES them.  But this reminded me of this...

Momo and Papa got us zoo passes for Christmas and we hit up the San Diego Zoo
Ben and Charlie "the twins"

Luke is happiest when Ethan is around

Ben, a little cuddle bug

Summer was best for late night movies in mom and dad's bed.

HUGE day in our house....sissy's first steps. 

I can never get enough sleeping pics of these boys.  

Or of my girl.

future rock stars?

do rock stars rock out in their chonies?  if so, he is going to be a star :)

One of our favorite summer trips is to Indio. We spend days floating around the lazy river and playing in the pool.  Uncle Josh had a fun iphone accessory that let us take pictures in the water.  Drew LOVED practicing this shot.  Uncle Josh? Not so much :)


of course this kid had to pose in the air.

Ethan, Luke, Drew and Jett

One of Charlotte's most favorite birthday gifts.  

Not quite sure who is having more fun in this picture....

Drew and I being silly with his bear

A favorite summer find was a local FB group.  Charlotte scored a large Abby Cadabby for $5.

Her hair is getting so long.

What every girl wants....a man cleaning with a girl in a pink tutu 

summer nights at Momo and Papa's

loving youtube on the iPad

two days before we were supposed to go back to school, my girl gets sick :(

apparently Drew was having fun with my phone... :)

2nd grade has been the year of learning what is cool and this kid thinks he is king of it all

Bronco football is officially kicked off with a ride around the track!

Only Drew would use Lego guys to set up a football game

Another picture I found on my phone.  I have a feeling this was taken by his brother.  HA!

Kinder kicked off with color week.  Most kids in the class said that Red looked like an apple or strawberry.  My boy, he said Nebraska (that is a large, LARGE football between him and Corey)

Gorgeous sunrise

Go Vista!!

College football season has hit this house too! GBR!

Umm....someone is struggling with school days.  Luckily, he can crash in mom's classroom after school. 

snuggle buddies

This kid is so weird.  Just enjoying an afterschool snack.  

Love my backseat view!

I swear this child is going to be a dentist.  She takes a toothbrush of flosser EVERYWHERE.  

Fun way to watch Bronco football!!  With wine, at home! :)

Sissy loving Miss Sarah's house.  I think we might have a lefty though!

A rare afternoon date to the mall with my girl.  

Charlie shared her greatest possession...her night night.

Loving the extra babysitter in this kid!

everyone takes little people toys to football games, right?

Drew's name writing homework.  Identity crisis at 5?!

multiple games going on here. i think. :)

look closely.....

yeah that little number 7 is MY kid (Drew, duh) that decided (without telling me) that he was going to join the homecoming float procession.  When it was over he came and told me that he was just in that parade and he loved waving to everyone.  

seriously, only Drew.

yep, there he is, holding a prop no less!

Drew's journal for V day.  "V is for Vista"

Luke and I have a journal that we write back and forth to each other in.  I loved this little gem. 

love everything about this.  

only at momo's do the kids get to dig in like this!

Luke's math has word problems every night.  It never fails, he "edits" them to people he knows.  This one was for Corey and his girlfriend Caitlin.

Luke's journal to me...think question #1 is rigged??

NFL kick off at Ethan's house

Bronco football away games mean a bag full of stuff to keep these kids entertained.

Butch the Bronco with Drew and a bunch of his classmates

cutest cheerleader around

Saturday chores.  Superhero included.