Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer… we come!!

We are 9 very short days away from summer.  We can’t wait.  We kicked it off this weekend by celebrating Memorial Day.  I have a feeling summer is going to be a whole lot of this….

5-30 001

  We went to a party at the Valdes.  The boys LOVED it!  They (especially Luke) keeps reminding me that Natalie said we can come over this summer.  Little does she know she may have her own little water rat :)IMG_7590

Max teaching Luke some new moves.IMG_7594

For some reason this is Drew’s new favorite face.  IMG_7599

Then today Luke and Drew decided to have a water balloon fight.  It was Drew and Daddy vs. Luke and Kaiden.  I still don’t know who “won”.IMG_7618






I blame Uncle Sean and Jett for Drew’s “precision aiming”…..only a Marine could teach him that :)


and in honor of Uncle Sean, Papa and John’s dad…thank you to all who serve or have served our country.  We are so grateful.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day


I had a fantastic Mother’s Day with my 3 favorite boys.  We had a lazy morning and then headed off to the park for a picnic.

5-5 100

Little Drew….5-5 106

….with big muscles 5-5 110

 5-5 115

love, love, love them.5-5 117

 5-5 128

wouldn’t be the same without his goony face :)5-5 129

 5-5 133

 5-5 134

silly boys. 

5-5 138

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the long awaited birthday date

    Luke has been waiting for his “date” for weeks.  He woke up super early and came running in our room screaming, “it’s date day!”  First stop (after dropping Drew off at cousin Jett’s) was Starbucks for some vanilla milk.


…the boy who made me a mommy….


We played quite a few rounds of Sequence.  Every time it was my turn Luke asked me to “take it easy on him”

For the record, I never won.


After that it was off to Toys R Us to pick out a toy.  IMG_6365

Then to lunch.IMG_6366

and a little travel trouble.  He really wanted the Star Wars trouble game but we couldn’t find it at the store.  Luckily Rin Rin came through later that night. 


and ice cream!  he looked terrified when they sang to him.


…..and then we went and saw How To Train a Dragon in 3-D.  (secretly I was dreading this part because it didn’t look all that great but it was darling!)


5-2 001

then we headed to momo’s house to meet up with the family for some home-made cake by Raquel.

5-2 0035-2 010

Jett was obviously partied out from his day with Drew.

5-2 004

one word. spoiled :)

5-2 005

…oh, yes, Momo got him a talking Bill Clinton.  He looked rather confused when he opened it.  :)  (It was a belated souvenir from Arkansas.  she made up for it by buying Toy Story 3 legos.  Tons of them)

5-2 008

Happy Birthday Little Man.  I hope all your wishes come true…..5-2 018