Monday, March 19, 2012

And even more pictures from our Friday Night life...I mean Lights :)

Papa and Charlotte enjoying the boys (or bored) :)

Luke loves, LOVES Friday nights. He is having a great time and I love it.




Yes, Drew still plays with the mouth piece plastic still attached. He said it helps him.

ok, little dude, whatever it takes :)


Drew checking out Jett's form as QB




I asked him what he was doing and he said it was halftime and he has seen Broncos doing this. He said it helps them win. Uh huh....



Drew and Jett, total besties



love it :)



going after that flag!



I think some of these teams sneak on 2nd graders :)



and some of Luke, here he is getting a handoff from the quarterback



huddling up with Coach David



Our little happy


ok, Drew's game is over and he then proceeds to play imaginary games the rest of the night. I have never seen a kid try to play center, quarterback and running back all on the same play. But this kid does. :)


Luckily, Papa stepped in to give him some handoffs



and Luke taking a handoff for his game






Drew's life became even more perfect when Nick stepped in to help out the Chargers. Drew idolizes him. I think it might be the cutest thing ever.



And even better because Nick comes with the built in babysitter of his mom :) Charlotte is very spoiled by Miss Stacy


Luke was beyond happy to see Ethan show up to watch his game


nick, coaching the defense


and John coaching the offense, apparently Drew didn't need to listen to the whole play in the huddle

most weeks the boys play at 430 and 530 so I can see both games. This week Luke played at 5 so I spent half of Drew's game running back and forth. Didn't quite make it to see them run thru the banner....


this game was especially big for Luke because he got to be the captain.


handshakes and coin flips

and then running back to catch the end of Drews.

Nick does a great job with the little guys. Here he is telling Jett exactly whose flag to go after.




and Charlotte, learning to love pigskin :)))






Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some random pictures from around the house....

I am trying to remember to take my camera out and take pics of everyday life...

But first I will start with one of my girl. :))


Drew is now adding basketball to his sports obsession and there is a high school kid across the street who plays all the time. Drew watches or listens for that ball all. the. time. Luckily, the kid is very nice and humors drew by shooting around with him. :)


My favorite note from Luke so far..... :)))

This kid is my most independent...he is content to play by himself.




Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Breaking a world record!!!

Last Friday, our school made an attempt to break a Guiness book of world records....

the worlds largest art lesson.

Here is the quad before over 1000 students took their seats

starting to fill in.....(FYI for anyone ever trying to break a record...there are a lot, A LOT, of rules on how to do things

By far my favorite artist in the crowd :))

Luke with his buddies Ben and Matthew. Yes, he is at the age of "cool" clothes and these hats are a top request with the 1st grade crowd :)

One rule is had to be at least 30 minutes (as a kinder teacher this was the part I was most worried about with my students) but this was the sign that we made it!! :))

The lesson was about abstract art and the artist Paul Klee.......and below is the new world record of 1103 pieces of art!!!!!

It was a very, very cool moment!!!

Luke and his piece of art (midway through)

We did it!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A few extra pics from a great basketball season

Basketball season ended a few weeks ago (with a quarterfinals loss) but I had a few more pictures that I hadn't blogged...

don't let that face fool you, Luke loved basketball season

especially when his buddy Kaiden was there with iPods :)

John and the Broncos

Ben made his Daddy proud by being a huge, HUGE fan of basketball.

Yes, Drew took his obsession with Nick to a new level when he took home his "head" from the big MV game. (He was so proud of that damn thing!!!) :)