Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Breaking a world record!!!

Last Friday, our school made an attempt to break a Guiness book of world records....

the worlds largest art lesson.

Here is the quad before over 1000 students took their seats

starting to fill in.....(FYI for anyone ever trying to break a record...there are a lot, A LOT, of rules on how to do things

By far my favorite artist in the crowd :))

Luke with his buddies Ben and Matthew. Yes, he is at the age of "cool" clothes and these hats are a top request with the 1st grade crowd :)

One rule is time...it had to be at least 30 minutes (as a kinder teacher this was the part I was most worried about with my students) but this was the sign that we made it!! :))

The lesson was about abstract art and the artist Paul Klee.......and below is the new world record of 1103 pieces of art!!!!!

It was a very, very cool moment!!!

Luke and his piece of art (midway through)

We did it!!!!!!!!

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Bry said...

such a cool thing to be a part of!! sammy & abby are so proud too!