Sunday, November 28, 2010

A playdate full of cousins


Rin Rin left the kids here the other day while she did some shopping with Momo.  They had a very fun time, oh the kids did too. :)


It had just rained recently and Drew LOVED that the ground was squishy enough to hold his ball upright so he could practice his kick-offs.IMG_9100


Jett will ONLY give me this face lately.  He told me it is his scary face….IMG_9106

another version…IMG_9112

….and another……IMG_9113

Luke, whose injury is healing nicely….IMG_9114



Drew was so determined to draw me on the ground.  I love him…. IMG_9121

  Lila is the only girl I know who goes for the gun outside, picks it up, and immediately starts pointing it yelling pow-pow.IMG_9120

The night ended with ice cream sundaes.IMG_9133

and this is Lulu’s best face……showing her teeth :)IMG_9135


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boys scare me

The other day Luke and Drew were playing light saber football.  Yeah, whatever that is.  Except, instead of light saber Luke was using a long cardboard tube.  The end of the tube got stuck on the carpet when he was running……….and this was the result. 

:(  Good thing he was very tough.  Now, lets hope it doesn’t leave scars.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Drew and Lila….two peas in a pod….

Drew and Lila get along very well.  I think it has something to do with their love of food.  These two little beefcakes can power through food.  Day or night. :) 


It helps that they both think the other one is oh so funny….


Oh Lulu plant one on me!!


Drew always tells me “Baby Lila is soo cute”


and come on, don’t you agree??!IMG_9087

I think this little face is so cute too….IMG_9091



  Silly kids.  :)IMG_9092

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Luke….my lil artist

Our school had a school wide arts contest.  The theme was “Together We Can”

Here he is before the ceremony…..


And he won!  The Award of Merit! He was SOOO excited because he got his very first medal.  IMG_8290

oh…and he also got a free coupon for chic-fil-a :)IMG_8293

afterwards they had a reception (with his favorite brownies….that ranked up there with the medal).  And here was his artwork.  He thought of the idea and did it all himself.  I was a proud Momma.  Oh….and all the kids are kids in his class…. :)IMG_8295

I wish the boy did something else but football….


but he doesn’t.  the child lives, breathes, and dreams about pigskin.


every single day he dresses himself (which i do love!) in something football related.  when those get dirty he goes to john’s closet.  literally.IMG_8040

he told me that he is the quarterback and marley is his linebacker. IMG_8043


don’t ask about the snow boots, i have no idea….IMG_8046

drew can name almost every starting quarterback in the nfl.  this will translate to academics someday, right?!IMG_8050


but dang, isn’t he cute? :)


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a very popular holiday with these boys.  I think the costumes rank higher than the candy!  Drew was, of course, Drew Brees….and staying with the first name thing, Luke was Luke Skywalker.  I think they got dressed at 10am.  


Of course Luke Skywalker needs a Darth Vader bucketIMG_8231

The crew of boysIMG_8232

Little Ruby was a pea pod….and not happy about the cold.IMG_8237

Drew would have worn the outfit to bed if he could have…..shoulder pads and all



Darth Vader aka Jett


Lila was a bit nervous… first.  Then girlfriend had no problem leading the pack.




Our little familyIMG_8261

Rin Rin’s little family…IMG_8264

Love this sassy oneIMG_8265



Last year Drew stopped at this house to check out the pumpkins and this year he did the same thingIMG_8279