Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I totally love this kid….

Luke is sooo my child.  I have been known to worry about stuff that doesn’t matter.  John is much more easygoing about things than I ever am.  Unfortunately, Luke didn’t get that easy going nature.  He is much more like me.  We have been dealing with some of his anxiety lately.  We got a book from Anne Marie that talks all about worries and how everyone has worries but for some people they get stuck.  The book has been FANTASTIC with Luke.  He is now able to recognize when he is worrying and when it has gone to far.  Part of the book is drawing what worries you.  Dude, I totally love this kid.  Here are his worries……

IMG_8060 copy

Now, let me explain….. :)  Worry #1 is directly related to worry #4.  The child does not like to be dirty.  At ALL.  So….he uses excessive amounts of toilet paper…hence worry #1.  I have not the slightest idea where worry #2 comes from.  We have never had mice.  #3 comes from Momo’s.  He thought he saw an ant on his plate.  Once.  Now he does daily checks for the little creatures in his mouth. 

I so hope that we are able to relieve these for him because I don’t want him to go through life worrying about the little things (that feel big to him).  We are doing everything we can to help him become the best he can ever be.  and I so know he is going to be amazing in life….

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