Sunday, November 28, 2010

A playdate full of cousins


Rin Rin left the kids here the other day while she did some shopping with Momo.  They had a very fun time, oh the kids did too. :)


It had just rained recently and Drew LOVED that the ground was squishy enough to hold his ball upright so he could practice his kick-offs.IMG_9100


Jett will ONLY give me this face lately.  He told me it is his scary face….IMG_9106

another version…IMG_9112

….and another……IMG_9113

Luke, whose injury is healing nicely….IMG_9114



Drew was so determined to draw me on the ground.  I love him…. IMG_9121

  Lila is the only girl I know who goes for the gun outside, picks it up, and immediately starts pointing it yelling pow-pow.IMG_9120

The night ended with ice cream sundaes.IMG_9133

and this is Lulu’s best face……showing her teeth :)IMG_9135


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