Friday, April 27, 2012

The spring break that never to the zoo!!

After we celebrated enough at the DePortos, we all headed down to SD for the night and a day at the zoo the next day.

On our way down we passed a fire that was growing on the side of the freeway.

and some MANIAC that was trying to put it out with his sweatshirt!!! Ummm...not the smartest move there dude.

since Natalie broke Drew's heart earlier in the day, he decided to move on with Debra. Typical Drew :)



Seriously, help me. ;)

This little monkey loves vacations....and mommy and daddy's bed :)


Ben and Uncle Josh

my happy boy



This monkey came and sat down at the window right in front of Drew and Lila.






with a crew this big, everyone had an opinion on where to go next. Soooo much of the time was spent looking at the map :)


The Owens Aviary


Yes, Drew is way to large to be strollering it, but is spoiled by Rinny


momo and papa



peek a boo my Charlie girl!!!


The impossible group shot.

Ben is well on his to be a walker soon.


I think momo is happiest when all her kids (and grandbabies) are together :)




I tell this one daily that I love his face :)


Josh and Nikki on their 2nd anniversary of wedded bliss :)



Sleepy baby






Drew showing off the size of an elephant neck






so Erin needed her stroller for HER kids so we told Drew to walk. Drama boy used this face to manipulate Uncle Matt into carrying him.


yep, so so Drew. Stinker.



had to snap this one of a llama for Carly. :)


Bottom teeth are almost through!!!




And the group....minus John who was snapping the pic!!!





Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Easter!!

We had another fantastic holiday! The good ol bunny came and brought some treats.


For some reason Luke could NOT sleep that night. I think he came into our room every hour or two. We finally let him wake everyone up at about 6:30. Drew could have slept for a few more hours but not when his big brother came in and shared the news that there was candy downstairs!


Picture posing before the fun :) and no....I don't have Charlie wear a bow to bed but hair accessories are totally necessary now....girl has wild crazy hair that hangs in her eyes. (but yes, I do love the bows still :))

Little duder was so happy that he got his one millionth football guy. He is simple. And I love it.


I mean he was just so happy. I want to bottle it up and never forget it.


And this one got a Lego set. Which he was just as thrilled about.... :))


Little Charlotte was just happy with her favorite blankie

ready to start hunting for eggs...


their faces make me happy

so does this one

she proceeded to dump their buckets over and over again

such the great big brother....he opened charlottes princess toys and showed her every single one.


then it was off to church. We got there very early so I thought it would be perfect to take pics of kids.

Um fail.


yep, just not happening...




it is always one of them! Ha! :))

Luke and Drew



John and Charlotte


My oldest......and still sportin the teeth....but they are getting loose :((((




Love that you can see Luke in my glasses, snapping the pic


and Drew, taking a pic of me and my Luke


somehow a bathroom break turned into a little adventure


sleepy girl....


after church we snapped a couple more pictures.

Ben's first (and last!!!) Easter as an only. He is going to have so much fun with a little brother next year.


Nikki and her Ben


And my little family


uncle Matt and Debra came down for the fun, we had a great time with them


after church we headed up to the DePortos for more fun and chaos.

But this is where poor Drew got the devastating news that his true love Natalie (yes, yes she is slightly older than him,... But those are just details people!!) was engaged to Eric. Now, in Eric's defense, he is a fantastic guy and we are so so so happy for them. Wellllll.....except this kid....


I hate to tell you dude, she is probably not going to be the only girl who breaks your heart :)

Lila Lou


Rin Rin and Ruby


and Charlotte attacking Ben

the boys vetoed Easter egg hunts for a whole lot of Xbox kinetic


but Luke, Luke was so happy to see his buddy Ethan. He so misses seeing him everyday and school


lila doing what Lila does best, finding the cupcakes




we had a great Easter and the fun didn't end there....we headed out to San Diego for a night away and a trip to the zoo.....more pics from that coming soon!!!