Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kicking off Spring Break with a trip to Vegas!

We started off spring break with a trip to Vegas with the kids. As we drove onto the strip and Luke spotted Transformer "characters" and jack sparrow (or people peddling for money dressed up...either one) :) he said it was better than Disneyland! :) ha!

We started with a little toast of champagne!


And Drew was so happy to be out of the car :)


We walked around and it was super windy.....John tried to take a pic. Best we could get of me and my monkeys :)


At least they get their goofiness honestly!!! :)


The strip

the boys thought it was so cool that places had tvs that faced the street.

hitting up the fountains at the bellagio

another highlight was watching to divers fix the fountains

my Drewbaloo


Charlotte and I

our hotel


luke loves, LOVES vacations. This boy is happiest in these moments with our family. And I love that :)


And keeping our late night going by hitting up the forum shops in Caesars.

the next day the kids really wanted to go to the MnM factory. ( is just 4 flights of candy merchandise....I mean, really, who knew they made MnM shower curtains??!

But these two....they loved it all.

after that we went to the coke store right next door. This was much more fun because we shared a tray of coke floats. :))






Charlotte passed on the soda :))

One thing the boys really wanted to do was go to the pool. It was still super windy and the water was cold....that didn't stop my little fish. They loved it.



and little sis, sporting her first bikini :))


Surprisingly, she loved it too.









Luke, hard to get a pic of him in the water anymore....he is a swimming machine


We had a fantastic time!!! Luke is already asking when we are going back.

Charlotte did GREAT on the drive, which made this momma happy :). Although poor Drew got sick right when we left and then proceeded to puke numerous times on the way home. Only Drew......







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