Thursday, August 23, 2012

Carlsbad with the besties

Another annual in our summer vacation is heading down to Carlsbad to spend time with the Hizons and Valdes.  The kids love it, Erin and I get free is a win win!! :)

Charlie with Uncle Manny

(for the record she still hated the sand)

These kids are SPOILED by the older kids. 

yep, still hating it all

Natalie and Charlotte

Carly, Natalie and Eric with Drew catching sand crabs.  Drew has done this once before.  And he failed to tell me that he kept them in a bucket to take home.  And left them in the car. For a week.  Yeaaahhhh....imagine THAT smell. ;)

Auntie Theresa with Charlotte

Lila eats up these girls attention.

Rin Rin and Ruby

Drew sharing his find with his sister

Max, who is a saint for putting up the wild boys

oh looky here........someone got Charlotte to touch the sand...making progress!!

Carly and Jett

Thanks Mary.  I tried for a week, A SOLID week to get this girl to like the beach.  You take her for 5 minutes and look at her.  brat. ;) (both of you!!! :)

her first official toes in the sand pic

Eric attempting to win Drew over after stealing his girl

and there she the water and everything. Mary, this means you have to teach her to drive someday.  Responsibility is on you sister!

so cute!

she loved it

Luke, digging a hole to China

After all the fun at the beach, we headed up to dinner.  

Ruby Roo

Drew and Ruby, silly cousins

This girl was happy

Uncle Sean and Jett

and to complete the trifecta of happiness......a pick up game of football

huddling for the next play.  but wait....who is the random in orange?!

But come on, who wouldn't want to join in in this madness!

Drew and Natalie took this a bit more seriously than Carly and Jett.  

Lila, talking about Toddlers and Tiaras probably

ET....I mean Ruby

Oh Drew....she still has your heart. ;)

....can you blame him?! :)