Monday, August 13, 2012

The Red, White and Blue

The 4th of July is one of my most favorite holidays.  
We started the day with our annual trek to the La Cresta parade.  This big boy thought he could drive the golf cart.....I found out that Papa lets him do just that when he babysits.  Lovely. 

Charlotte, a perfect patriotic princess

 Me and my little firecrackers ;)

 The DePorto's, Raquel, Amma, Warren and Ethan

 Papa and his favorite girl

Momo, Papa and the crazy clan

 Papa and Ben

 Another cute one of the two of them

So, I am not sure the whole patriotism of the parade is really effective with these boys.  They look at it as a prime opportunity to peg the floats with water guns (in their defense, they get pegged right back)

This was my girls last "first" holiday.  How is she almost 1?

I told Ethan to smile bigger and this is what I got.....HA!

Raquel hitting the perfect age....for babysitting!

Drew running with his candy

Luke, my little rule follower, thought this float was very inappropriate. :)

 Drew with his water gun.....

 That was not quite a match for the firemen and their hose!

Heading back to the compound and oh so happy :)

After a little rest we were off to our favorite part of the day, the Valdes'

How many more years do you think I will get of these two posing like this?  I love it.

Charlotte is ON. THE. GO....this was the best I could get of her and her cute outfit

 Little love bug Ruby (who now, officially, likes Uncle John better than me).  

 I love her in spite of it! :)

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