Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer of pool parties

This summer has been one of pool parties! Luckily, all of our bestest friends have pools and we have done a rotation of hitting them all up. I didn't take my camera to all of them but here was one at the Clanton's.





Devyn and Sid

Charlie was LOVING the water.


So was Drew....this was his last pool with floaties....he is officially floatie free!


My little goon can always spot the camera. :))



Charlotte had a permanent grin the whole time


Cute as can be!


Soccer was next on the agenda




As we know Drew has a thing for pretty girls, Peyton was no exception. Little boy loved her. Too bad HER daddy didn't think it was so cute!! Ha!!!






We had to practice this jumping shot about a million times




Love all these kids


About one of the only times I was able to catch Luke. :)

Little show off

Daddy and his girl

I don't know what is cuter...these two or the fact that John did her hair (and remembered to put the bow in......but it's backwards ha!!)


Aly and Coley were playing some crazy game of "golf" using a soccer ball and a beach towel.


My girl with her favorite accessory, my phone!!!





Sunday, July 15, 2012

Drew, my little fish

Being that we spend oodles of time in pools over the summer, we figured it was time for Drew to learn how to swim. Luke took lessons from the same person a few years ago and he does great now.

He was so excited it was his turn



Jett and Lila also joined in for lessons.

Lila was a MASTER negotiator...she would barter with the teacher until they came just a bit closer to her. T

When Luke took lessons it took him the full two weeks to really get it and start swimming (but he did jump off the diving board at the end and swim the length of the pool, success!!). drew is a different cat.

It didn't take long for him to have the teacher let go...

Little bit more work on keeping his face under....

But he got it!!!!


He was so proud :)

And nothing better than having Jett there too

Bring on the diving board!!!

He is a maniac.


And this is him when we got home. Wiped out.




Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oh how fast a year goes....

First day and last day....and total depression for me on how fast it goes....


And I am not quite sure what is up with Charlotte's toes.....I would say maybe she will be a ballerina someday but little miss thing is a hot wild mess :)). I don't see graceful and calm in her near future!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Drew's preschool graduation

Drew had his preschool graduation a few weeks ago. He learned a lot from Miss Adrienne. He can read simple words, add and subtract....oh and he now pronounces many things with a thick Swedish accent...all from Miss Adrienne ;))


He makes my heart happy



So his teacher broke a cardinal rule....she had a favorite student. But, no complaints from me because it was Drew. :) she would tell me at every meeting or conference how much she loved him and how she wishes if she would have ever had a son he would have been like Drew and that he is her favorite. Ok, ok, I blew it off thinking she was just being sweet. Until his graduation.

He had like 8 solos.

It was ridic.

Even I started to get a little embarrassed....

But this boy, he ate. It. Up.

(but I can't say I blame her) :)


A group number singing one of his favorite songs about tiny Tim the turtle.




Ending the show with "I can't wait to go to kindergarten!"

Miss Adrienne and Drew

Momo and Papa....who never miss an event in these kids lives

And our little family, so so proud of our boy