Sunday, July 15, 2012

Drew, my little fish

Being that we spend oodles of time in pools over the summer, we figured it was time for Drew to learn how to swim. Luke took lessons from the same person a few years ago and he does great now.

He was so excited it was his turn



Jett and Lila also joined in for lessons.

Lila was a MASTER negotiator...she would barter with the teacher until they came just a bit closer to her. T

When Luke took lessons it took him the full two weeks to really get it and start swimming (but he did jump off the diving board at the end and swim the length of the pool, success!!). drew is a different cat.

It didn't take long for him to have the teacher let go...

Little bit more work on keeping his face under....

But he got it!!!!


He was so proud :)

And nothing better than having Jett there too

Bring on the diving board!!!

He is a maniac.


And this is him when we got home. Wiped out.




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