Tuesday, July 26, 2011

oh summer, how we love you

just some pictures from the park.  We are loving LOVING this time off…….lazy days and cute boys…what more can you ask for?










Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Drew’s birthday bash

This little man has been waiting for this day for a looong time.  When he turned 4, he knew he was going to be bigger and wouldn’t be my “baby” anymore.  Oh, and he gets to go to school with me. (he will be going to preschool at my school…..definitely MY favorite part about turning 4 :))


Last year he was really into Toy Story…this year it is all about Cars 2.  It helps the obsession that his birthday falls right in the middle of summer movies.IMG_4787

Since this child has a million cousins, birthday parties are easy peasy for me.  This year the request was a McDonald’s dinner and Sky High (a jumpy place).  I love these kinda parties…no mess and no planning :)IMG_4793


Momo convinced him that the streamers were just for his party…..or the new Mango smoothie….whatever :)IMG_4795

Drew’s best budIMG_4796

Ruby enjoying french fries with her PapaIMG_4797


And bring on the presents!IMG_4799


Drew really wanted cupcakes…don’t these look homemade?! :)IMG_4805




Momo, Papa and the grandkids.IMG_4814

a good group shot is NEVER. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.  :)IMG_4817


Then it was off to Sky High.  Lila was a bit nervous at first…but that changed within seconds.  She spent the entire night with Raquel with no fear about any of it.  Crazy girl.IMG_4821

I think Uncle Matt and John had more fun with this one than the kids.  They used big “bats” to knock the kids to their feet.  IMG_4829



Taking a pic with Uncle Matt before he headed back home :( Hopefully he will be moving back soon.  The kids miss him tons.IMG_4850

Uncle Sean with Jett and DrewIMG_4854

Not sure he has the fundamentals of pool down yet! :)IMG_4862

Monday, July 18, 2011

My (not for very much longer) baby turns 4


My Drew,

I can’t believe you are 4.  I am sure I said something similar a year ago, but time is flying by in your little life.  You days as the littlest one in this family are numbered but you are so excited about getting a “sissy”.  And as you tell me daily, you are not a baby anymore.  In fact, on the morning of your birthday you came running into our room just to tell us that your legs are much bigger now that you are 4.  Yes, little man, you are getting bigger every day and I just don’t like it. 


You are still the same silly, wacky kid.  You love to make us laugh and have come up with phrases that are oh so you.  This past year we have really seen your personality…as much as you love to be the goofy one, you can also be so stubborn.  You know what you want, when you want it and how you want it.  You have already mastered the art of manipulating your brother.  Somehow, someway, he tends to do all your “chores” for you…..most of the time it is because you have convinced him that your "snail” has glued you to the carpet and you just can’t get up.  How that little line works, I will never know.  :) You and Luke have become the best of friends these past few months.  You spend hours and hours together, and it is never enough.  There is nothing in the world that makes this mommy happier than that.  I pray that this bond lasts forever.  There would be no greater gift. 


But for every crazy, stubborn, feisty thing you pull, there is a sweet, sweet side.  You have a way about you that makes people feel so good…..granted, most of the time it is always pretty girls (oh how you love them!!)  You tell me daily that you love the flowers in my eyes (?! don’t ask….) and that you think I am cute.  I know that that isn’t going to last so I am going to suck up every second of that love.  You are shy at first but love the limelight once you are comfortable.  You are still very content to play by yourself and do your own thing.  IMG_4673 We feel so lucky to call you ours.  We want the world for you.  Your determination is going to get you far in life…and we can’t wait to sit back and watch the journey of your life.  Knowing you….it is going to be quite the ride.  :) 

IMG_4674 Happy birthday little man.  We love you.  So, so, so much.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

A little mini Disney vacation

Our passes were going to be blocked out for July and August so we decided to take one more trip for the summer.  The boys goal was to stay till midnight since we were staying overnight.  This momma didn’t think that was going to happen… :)

 But this boy did!IMG_4271

He is so happy IMG_4273

Drew is too but you can’t tell by this face :)IMG_4274

John is when he gets a monster in :)IMG_4275

We started at California Adventures and hit up some things we have never done.IMG_4276

Like the Adventure course.  Oh and a little fyi…..an almost 9 month pregnant woman should NOT try and climb a rope course.  Bad mistake and so not pretty :)IMG_4277





We are in line for Little Mermaid and little Drew is always scared of new rides.  Always.  And then every. single. time. we get off he tells me that I was right and it wasn’t scary…and that he loved it.  IMG_4288

But there is no convincing him ahead of time….IMG_4289



We hit up the swings and at first Luke wanted to ride in the tandem swing with John.  I kept trying to tell him how much he would love it by himself because the dude loves, LOVES to swing.  As soon as we got off, he ran right back up the stairs and wanted to go again, by himself.  Of course. :)IMG_4293


Drew was content to wait off the second go round…IMG_4296




He loved this ride.  Loved it.IMG_4301

For the record, we stayed well past midnight.  Luke had been begging to go on the new Star Tours.  On our way out of the park we passed it and it said it was a 75 minute wait….the shortest we had seen.  So, even though it was 10, I told John to take Luke and Drew and I would chill on a bench.  So….10:00 with a 75 minute wait, I thought we would be outta there by 11:30.  12:30 rolled around and they still weren’t off.  We finally headed out at about 1AM.  But for the record, Luke said it was sooo worth it :))