Friday, July 1, 2011

Drew’s first (and hopefully last!) surgery

When Luke was 18 months old we had his tonsils and adenoids removed.  He was a a horrible sleeper (and snorer!) and it was causing some sleep apnea.  He has been a different kid ever since.  Drew has also been a horrible snorer and at times talks like there are marbles in his mouth :) We waited to see if he was going to grow out of it but he didn’t so we finally made the appt to get his removed.  He does not love doctors but loved, loved, LOVED his ENT….he told me it was because she was so cute. Lovely. 

Here he is in the pre-op room watching Cars.  I was a wreck that day because I just knew what was coming…..he did great though.  After this room, we walked him down the hall to the OR.  They don’t let you go back while they knock him out but he thought he was getting some strawberries (because the anesthesiologist had asked what flavor he wanted…and poor boy was STARVING).  I did the ugly mommy cry when he grabbed the nurses hand and walked in with her.  To see my little boy in his way-too-big-scrubs walk in, it was more than I could take. 


Here he is a few minutes after he got into the recovery room.  He was sending out a thumbs up to our Carly who was competing in the Miss California pageant.  Little Dude is strong.  But how is this for heartbreaking?  I kept telling him how proud I was of him and that he was so brave….a few days later he tells me that “Momma, I wasn’t brave.  when they put the mask on me, I cried and wanted you.  I didn’t like it.”  Break. My. Heart. 


Here he is a few hours later….in the pool.  Crazy kid.  The recovery has been ok, but for the most part, he has done amazing.  Such my little stud.


But we did take advantage of lazy days and lots of naps. 


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