Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best days of our lives….

The day after Drew’s surgery all the kids wanted to head to the beach.  I thought for sure Drew would want to stay and sleep….but nope, he wanted the sand and the surf. 

Ruby wasn’t too sure what to think of all it.  But dang, she looks cute!


He is the HAPPIEST at the beach and with his cousins.IMG_3783

My little DrewIMG_3785

Working together to build the best sandcastle everIMG_3789

Lila collected (and stole) almost every rock out of Raquel’s pile)IMG_3791

But who could ever get mad at that face?IMG_3792


poor boy opted for a nap after about 15 minutes…..I still can’t believe he even wanted to go to the water after his surgery wasn’t even 24 hours before….IMG_3795



Luke was VERY brave in the water all the sudden.  Might have something to do with Ethan and his lack of fear…IMG_3802


Drew and LilaIMG_3808

Not sure what is up with Drew’s closed eyes, but I also have no idea what happened to Lila and the amount of sand on her face!IMG_3809

So, they vetoed the sand castle building and decided to bury Ethan.  IMG_3810

Ethan was ok with it……at first….IMG_3813


…until Jett decided that his face needed buried too.  IMG_3815

so, so grossIMG_3816


pure tortureIMG_3820

  Ruby thinks they are all nutsIMG_3833IMG_3823



…and Lila goes in for the kill….IMG_3827

Luke thought it would be great to be buried next……didn’t he learn???IMG_3829


Apparently not!  That mouthful of sand is thanks to little Lila.  Game was over at this point. :)IMG_3835

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