Friday, July 1, 2011

The Annual Owens Family beach vacation…..Day 1

One of our most favorite times of the year is our annual getaway to the beach….courtesy of Momo and Papa of course!  The kids count down the days and have their bags packed with way too much stuff weeks ahead of time.  We decided to head down early on the first day because we knew Drew would be having surgery early the next morning and I wasn’t sure how he would do so I wanted him to at least have one good day in the sand (little did I know, the kid is a trooper….)


Ignore the blue marker on his face….he was once again making football under eye marks earlier in the day. IMG_3741

my not so little boyIMG_3743

a pitiful attempt to get a pic of my twoIMG_3744

yep, one is always offIMG_3745


getting betterIMG_3747

besides Luke’s strained neck and Drew’s closed eyes….the best I am going to getIMG_3748

He was very nervous about heading out to the waterIMG_3750

that is my boy though, slow and steady….IMG_3751

but once he was brave enough, little brother joined inIMG_3753

well…..Drew wasn’t so sureIMG_3755

I have a feeling I may be seeing this picture again in 10 years….just bigger boys, but hopefully still the best of friends….IMG_3756

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