Saturday, August 29, 2009

A little time with Drew

John had an incredibly early morning practice this morning (to beat the heat!) so I let the boys play outside (while I had a little photo shoot) while it was still cool. For the record, I picked Drew's shorts and shirt....he definitely did the accessorizing. :)
He is such my headstrong child.
My absolute favorite part of the day though is when I pick him up from preschool and he wraps those chubby little hands around my neck and says "I wuv you mommy" Of course, that moment is brief because when we get out to the car he has a full fledged tantrum if he can't "drive" Oh yes, completely totally my Drew.
Attempting to "jump" and catch the birds.

Whenever anyone asks Drew how old he is, he firsts says 2....and then quickly changes that to 4. Yep, just like his brother.

I wasn't able to get any of Luke because he spent the entire time lassoing anything and everything.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lazy days...

After a crazy first couple of weeks, we enjoyed a very low key weekend. I took the boys to see the Oklahoma drills on Saturday morning at John's practice. Drew was in HEAVEN. Boy boys, lots of hitting, and footballs everywhere. In fact, when we got home, this is how he spent the afternoon.......

yep, helmet head. :)

ok, here is such a prime example of the differences between my two boys. Drew, as we know, is a risk taker. Um, Luke.....not so much. Look closely, helmet? check. knee pads? check. elbow pads? check. overly safety conscious? that's my boy :)


Then, Sunday afternoon we headed up to the DePorto house for a family bbq. The boys jumped immediately into the pool.


Luke's BFF. Isn't he darling? He is probably the most patient little guy I know. He always plays whatever Luke wants to play. Luke just idolizes him.

Beautiful Raquel....who I still find it so hard to believe that she is in 5th grade.

Getting ready to super soak Daddy

Of course, Papa slept through it all.....


Ethan and Raquel have recently gotten some new puppies. This only fueled the fire for our boys asking for a dog.

Pure and total JOY.


Don't even ask because I have no idea.....silly boys.


Monday, August 17, 2009

All for the love of the cake

We went to Kaiden's birthday party this weekend (right after camping) and Drew was sooo tired. Ironically, he didn't sleep well at the campsite...imagine that?! ;) So after an hour or two of swimming the boy was B.E.A.T. John had decided to take him home while the party finished up. He was almost out within minutes. Until......he remembered that he missed the cake. Seriously. He cried "Berfday cake" until John brought him back.

Oh and how he enjoyed every. single. bite. (please ignore all his injuries....this little boy is ALL BOY)

Finger licking good.


After that he was on a sugar/delirious high. So so silly.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh a camping we will go....

To kick off our first official week back we uh, John, decided that we should go camping. Here is the funny thing...I asked him on Thursday night if we should get things together so we could head straight out there on Friday. His response: "Huh? All we need is some hot dogs" Mmmmkay. So, Friday afternoon after a good hour of packing things up...we headed out :)
Drew was in boy heaven!

Oh how he steals my heart :)


The only thing Luke thought we really needed to bring.....Lightsabers.


Yep, we were in good hands :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Preschool or bust!

The boys had their first official day of preschool yesterday. Luke was DECKED out in head to toe Star Wars....backpack, lunch box, shirt, and blanket. Drew was the most excited about his lunch ;) I tried to capture a picture in the morning and this was about all I could get. They were way too excited for sitting and posing.
I snuck over at lunch to peek in on them and Luke, my little sentimental sap, was sitting at his table with all his friends and in his little fist he was holding tight to my love note that I had sent him. I pray he never, ever changes. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

End of Summer Block Party

One of our neighbors threw a block party to celebrate the end of summer. We have enjoyed every moment of this summer and are sad that it is over....
Our neighbors have a great water slide. Of course, Luke spent the majority of time on this.
Could he get any cuter?!
Another action shot....check out those CHEEKS! He starts holding his breath at the top :)

Our neighborhood is ALL girls. Literally. We figured Luke, Drew and Kaiden aren't going to mind this too much in 10 years :)

Drew is so funny. He LOVED this statue. He kept getting out of the pool, having a little conversation with "her" and then hopping back in. And yes, we have taken extreme measures with our little fish. He is a human marshmellow man.
He was devasted to go home....
And then, in true Drew form.....he let us know how he felt about it :)

The boys have their first day of preschool tomorrow......wish us luck!! :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth....

We were the VERY lucky recipients of a once in lifetime opportunity today! Jamie and Danielle (thanks sooo much guys...we had a FABULOUS time!!!) hooked us up with an unforgettable trip to the circus. Just take a look......
Drew and Luke eagerly anticipating a day o fun!
Uh oh, someone is already trying to be a clown :)
So along with the VIP seats, we were also given an awesome backstage tour, we were able to go out on the stage and see the set-up before the audience.....oh, and they dressed John up like a clown. Absolutely PRICELESS. :)
Of course he needed to be powdered....
Never. going. to. live. this. down. :)
Here he is in all his clown glory :)
And with his new BFF, Todd.

ok, the best part....people asking him for his picture or.....
.... yep, his autograph. (he paused the first time someone asked him....I think he didn't know what to actually sign....he ended up using "John the Clown" Wouldn't have Bozo been better?!?

Luke, my child who doesn't like change, was a little nervous in the beginning.

Drew on the other hand was terrified of his Daddy.
See, Bozo...totally more appropriate, huh?
Even Luke was able to try on a costume (and get completely spoiled by his Momo and getting a circus sword)
More autographs....
Then it was time for the big show! We had fantastic seats!!
Drew was mesmerized by everything but he especially loved the "efants"
He literally sat like this almost the entire time.
While Drew loved these elephants, Luke loved the girls flying out of the cannons. Or as he said it, the "rocket cannon ball girls"

Thanks again Jamie and Danielle....we had a day we will NEVER forget (especially John, I have ammo for years!!) :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

one more of Lila

I had to share one more of Lila from another photo shoot. :) The drool is the best. She is the happiest little thing. And damn, my boys adore her.

yep, total love
and Drew adores her too.....but he also loves to pose for the camera.