Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth....

We were the VERY lucky recipients of a once in lifetime opportunity today! Jamie and Danielle (thanks sooo much guys...we had a FABULOUS time!!!) hooked us up with an unforgettable trip to the circus. Just take a look......
Drew and Luke eagerly anticipating a day o fun!
Uh oh, someone is already trying to be a clown :)
So along with the VIP seats, we were also given an awesome backstage tour, we were able to go out on the stage and see the set-up before the audience.....oh, and they dressed John up like a clown. Absolutely PRICELESS. :)
Of course he needed to be powdered....
Never. going. to. live. this. down. :)
Here he is in all his clown glory :)
And with his new BFF, Todd.

ok, the best part....people asking him for his picture or.....
.... yep, his autograph. (he paused the first time someone asked him....I think he didn't know what to actually sign....he ended up using "John the Clown" Wouldn't have Bozo been better?!?

Luke, my child who doesn't like change, was a little nervous in the beginning.

Drew on the other hand was terrified of his Daddy.
See, Bozo...totally more appropriate, huh?
Even Luke was able to try on a costume (and get completely spoiled by his Momo and getting a circus sword)
More autographs....
Then it was time for the big show! We had fantastic seats!!
Drew was mesmerized by everything but he especially loved the "efants"
He literally sat like this almost the entire time.
While Drew loved these elephants, Luke loved the girls flying out of the cannons. Or as he said it, the "rocket cannon ball girls"

Thanks again Jamie and Danielle....we had a day we will NEVER forget (especially John, I have ammo for years!!) :)

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