Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Charlie

Oh my Charlotte, how are you already 1?  This year went by so fast. So, so fast.  

Little girl you have brought ENORMOUS amounts of joy into our life.  Your sassy, sweet and silliness have made our family feel truly complete.  We always say, what did we do before Charlie?

And as the momma of just boys, I never knew how much I needed a girl.  We all needed a little bit of pink in our lives.  Luke adores you. Drew has made you into a tackling buddy (of course..) and Daddy....well, have that guy wrapped around your little finger.

I love the way you say mama....and dada....and of course, Lila (your most favorite word)

You have a lot of favorites already.....your da-do, Marley, bananas, music, music, music.  I cannot count the hours I have spent watching youtube videos of music.  While you do love a good Elmo song, you also love a lot of pop music.  Justin Bieber, One Direction and Katy Perry.  

This is your most infamous dance move.  ;)

You started walking at about 11 months.....well before I wanted you to.  I wanted to bottle up that baby-ness and keep you little for as long as possible.  But no, our little sissy is off and running.

You are independent and stubborn.  Two traits that I hope take you far in life.  I am sure I will be cursing some of the stubbornness someday....

I love every single thing about you.  Your crazy bed head.  Your love of bath times. The way you talk yourself to sleep.  And my most favorite (shh..don't tell Daddy) but the way I am your favorite.  I know that is short lived so I am going to eat. it. up.  You are all about your momma and nothing makes me happier.  

I just think the world is greater with you in it.  

because come on, who doesn't love pink tutus and big jewelry?

Charlotte, you are far more than I ever dreamed possible.

Between you and those amazing big brothers of yours, I feel blessed beyond words.

I can't wait to see what the next year has in store.  We love you little the moon and back!