Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blueberries on mothers day

We had the greatest Mothers day. We spent the day out at our favorite blueberry farm.

Best berries around :)

And cutest kids around...


Luckiest mommy ever with these three.

My favorite little girl in the world

Charlotte loved the farm too...

Although she spent the majority of the time dive bombing to try and pick them herself




You can't tell from the pics but it was so so so hot....


But these monkeys didn't want to leave. They loved it.


My cute lil farmer


Once again best moms day ever. :)) I think I say that every year.....



Friday, June 22, 2012

End of the least for now ;)

We ended Drews season with a BBQ party and trophies...what could be better :)

Oh wait, Nick was there...yep, life was pretty perfect for Drew.


The crew of kids and their favorite coach....

Handing out the awards



Jett, having learned the most important aspect to football, the fist bump

Drews most favorite person. Ever.

Luke was most excited about his new skateboard...let's pray for no broken bones ;)




Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Luke...and the big 7!!!


Once again, you chose a birthday date with dad and I instead of a party. It ranks up there with my most favorite times of the year. I love this uninterrupted time with you. We kicked it off with a trip to Starbucks. You are getting so much bigger....and older. "flat hats", cool clothes and popular music are all things you are loving. (...and everyday your "shufflin".....)

You are this amazing kid with a heart of gold. You are sensitive and cautious. Wild and crazy. You have turned into a ferocious reader. You have been finishing Big Nate and Goosebumps books in just a couple of days. You aren't as competitive as your little brother, but I did see Dad rig the game at Starbucks just so you could win. You hate to lose. So maybe you are more like Drew than I thought ;)


And your dad, he has quickly become your favorite person. And I think you are his. You guys spend time every night dreaming of Lego creations and talking about who knows what....definitely things you don't share with me! But I love love LOVE hearing you two whisper at night. So silly.


This year has been one of losing teeth and that last little bit of babyhood. It is going by way too fast. But I am also realizing how much fun it is to see the world through those big brown eyes of are a dreamer. You think about things like what we would do if we were flying in space...

...or what it would be like if gravity didn't exist. Or the question yesterday was what if we lived in the north pole. And in that little moment I realized I still see some of my little boy ;) the north pole was directly related to how great it would be to live so close to Santa.


I hope you always know that we are your biggest fans. You have brought oodles and oodles of joy to our lives.


And boy oh boy, do I love your little face. :)

We love you so much Luke. I think 7 might be the best year yet!!!

We love the moon and back!!!

(and here are a few more pics from your day)...





Friday, June 8, 2012

My boy is 7

Luke has been counting down the days till he turned 7. Now, me, not so much. Time is going much too fast for my liking. It feels like yesterday he was my baby.

But here is my last pic of him as a 6 year old. Playing Dad's iPad in bed :)

Since I had my camera out I went in Drew's room to snap a pic of him. And here he a cowboy hat. Yes, he is my odd ball.

So, Pinterest is great an all...I have gotten a TON of recipes, house ideas, teaching ideas. BUT, it has also made me up my game for birthdays. Yep, John and I were up at 4:30 in the morning to pull off this stunt....

Luke waking up a few hours later...

To a room filled with balloons. :)

Drew knew we were going to do this so he came in our room about 2 am asking if it was time. :) He was so so happy for his brother

Daddy was still a bit tired :)

Charlie missed all the excitement

Then it was time for his gift (before school of course!)

uh, spoiled ROTTEN! An xbox. He was NOT expecting this. In fact, he told John and I that we should wait till Christmas so Santa could get it for him since it was expensive ;) HA!

I still can't believe I have a 7 year old.