Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bronco basketball

We are quickly coming to the end of basketball so I figured I better get some pictures up!

Sissy and Daddy before a BIG game. She rocked the basketball sweatshirt that I had a friend bling up. And as we say, the bigger the bow, the bigger the game!! :)

Blurry but oh well...she is still cute :)

The boys
As you can see from the score board, it didn't start off in the Bronco's favor...
But some fired up coaches helped lead their team to VICTORY!!!
Of course these boys enjoyed the game....and some iPods :)

Wiped out from all the action (I found out a day or two later that little girl had a raging double ear infection :( Poor Charlotte....
Ben ALWAYS enjoys a good basketball game! (Even though that face doesn't seem like it)

Way to go Broncos!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Day with Star Wars (Luke's dream)

The Discovery Center is having a special Star Wars exhibit and we have been wanting to take Luke and finally got the chance on one of our last vacation days. Drew wasn't as excited since it didn't have any football :)

Silly boy.....he pretended to listen to some of the exhibits.

But he did love Yoda.
Luke loved all the exhibits. This was one where they were able to build a ship out of legos and were able to make it float with magnets.
a droid (and I had to be told what each of these are...) Rin Rin would know each and everyone. Better than me. HA!~
My girl, so sleepy....

This was one of Luke's favorites...a ride in a floating speeder :)

They built a robot and programmed it to do what they wanted

and this one just stayed goofy

on this exhibit, they had to use the tiles to make a camp....i didn't really get it, but they did :))

darth vader...both luke and drew thought jett would love this one :)
my three monkeys (and luke sky walkers land speeder)

after the star wars exhibit we hit up the rest of the museum. Luke felt what it was like to be in a wind tunnel...
sissy woke up....and nope that isn't bed head....just her :)
a robot lab

In the rocket lab the kids were able to stand inside a "rocket" as it blasted off total favorite moment.
they were nervous about the smoke.

they did the supermarket challenge

and a race to recycle game
oh I hate that vacation is ending..... :(

The kids at 5 months (and learning how to eat....)

Time is going by WAY too fast. I think Luke was this little yesterday....much less 6 years ago!!

Here is a pic of my kiddos at 5 months....all learning how to eat :)
and they have all progressively gotten more hair. Thank goodness we are done with three....number 4 may have been a little gorilla baby!



And Charlotte

And here are a few more of my little girl eating for the first time. She doesn't love it (even though the pic above seems like it!) In fact, she has mastered the art of closing her lips, tightly, so we can't get any in. Lovely.

and doesn't every little girl have a boy (in full football gear) feeding them :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year in Review

Here is our year, 2011, in a snapshot :)