Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh Drew…..


My little mess.  He got the first black eye on Thursday night.  He thinks that Marley is his personal playmate.  They play “catch”  or Drew-throws-the-ball-and-chases-Marley-for-it…which caused Marley to knock Drew over in the process. 

2-29 002

The nose injury happened moments later….

2-29 006

And the other eye happened this morning when he fell down a stair and hit the corner of a banister.2-29 003

Please don’t call CPS… :)2-29 004

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Was the groundhog wrong?

 Apparently spring has sprung a little early.  Here is Lila playing with (the millions) of boys toys we have.  She was in heaven playing outside…and may have only eaten a couple of sticks and dirt :)2-16 004

 Luke “pushing” Jett on the swings.  2-16 006

 Drew may be starting to feel the effects of being the youngest (boy).  Luke and Jett were in the “secret" hideaway.  Luckily he is quite happy being the Robin to their Batmans :)2-16 016

 And today we got home and Luke saw John working out…and had to join in.  2-16 017

 He thought he instantly grew muscles.  I wish we could increase his veggie intake with that theory :) 2-16 018

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy LOVE Day!

 In the past I have taken some Valentine’s day shots of the boys but didn’t get around to it this year…instead this was my “big” project…custom Valentine cards.  Drew was nearly impossible to do.  Trying to get a two year old to pretend to hold a lollipop and look at me at the same time, yep no interest.  And I wasn’t planning on the Metallica shirt making the final cut but you get what you get :)

2-13 048

This is what I found on my nightstand the other morning…..2-13 046

But I also found this one later in the day…..he is soooo my son. (I wrote excessive amounts of apology letters in my youth.  Total Catholic guilt :)  Apparently Luke has inherited that trait. (for the record, it says “drew, I sorry”)

2-13 045

Absolutely perfect weather

   While the rest of the country is dealing with snow, snow and more snow…we had a perfect day of 80 degrees yesterday and spent the entire day outside.  I would have loved to have gotten a few pictures of the boys playing but this is about all I saw……their backs.

2-13 034

 2-13 039

Doesn’t Lila have the best hair?  I LOVE it :)2-13 043

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Luke’s preschool love party


Luke getting ready to go into class and pass out his Valentine’s.  He did hate the pink shirt but I thought it was cute. :)  He said that boys do NOT wear pink.  Oh, and he told me that his little friends name was “little mama” or Kailana….either one.

2-11 005

Luke could not believe that John and I were there with him.  He kept throwing “I love you” signs our way.  I dread the day he is too cool for us to hang with him at school :(2-11 006

One if his best buddies, Trever2-11 010

In the Art Room making their Valentine bags.  Luke and Trever refused the heart and love stamps and covered their bags in cement trucks.  2-11 011

The kids got to dip pretzels in  chocolate.  2-11 014

Another friend, Alex2-11 015

Ashley, who he loves2-11 017

And his favorite part, passing them all out.  2-11 020

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Super Saints!

As everyone knows, we are huge Charger fans.  HUGE.  Well, we are also New Orleans Saints fans.  Since Momo has a ton of family in New Orleans and my Great Grandpa was a BIG Saints fan, and Drew Brees got shafted by the Chargers years ago, we have watched the Saints every week.  Last night we had a big Superbowl Party at Momo and Papa’s with a ton of New Orleans treats (red beans and rice, Lousiana sausage, fried okra and a Mardi Gras cake).  Rin Rin and Amma were even into the game (this is huge for non-football fans).  Drew came dressed for the occasion.  He has having a bit of an identity crisis though, he has been telling everyone that his name is Drew Brees.  Oh, and his Momo…well, her name is Momo Brees.  :)

 2-7 002


Raquel even dressed for the occasion

 2-7 004


We put my great grandpas picture out as he would have been loving EVERY minute of this.  He was true New Orleanen who used to sit the parade route (Mardi Gras) every year to collect beads for us, even well into his 90’s.  He would mail us huge bags when we were kids.  He loved his city and he loved these Saints even more. How I wish he could have seen this….

2-7 014

Jett had no real interest in the game…..unless you count tackling :)

 2-7 029


Raquel brought Mardi Gras “maskeses”

 2-7 031

And celebrating the big win!  WHO DAT?!?  Saints DAT!!!

2-7 036

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Already practicing (about 10 years early)

Luke and Kaiden had some early morning practice at field goals

1-31 (lilas bday) 013

We are still working on getting some height on the ball :)

1-31 (lilas bday) 014

While the boys were practicing being future Broncos, the guys were welcoming our new neighbors by doing their lawns before the moved in

1-31 (lilas bday) 022

Drew spotted them (with his upside down binoculars)

1-31 (lilas bday) 015

So he grabbed his “weed whacker” and got to work :)1-31 (lilas bday) 019

and to all my bloggie friends, I did this post on Windows Live Writer (a free download) and it was SOO easy (and it has some fun things you can do with pictures and best of all, fun fonts :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Family Movie Night

Now that football is over, Friday nights are family movie nights. We went old school this week with the popcorn.....


The boys thought this was the coolest thing.


Well, Drew faked the "shocked" look


And the best part....cuddling on the couch.


until Drew needed to get a bit closer. But it is so my favorite time of the week.... :)