Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy LOVE Day!

 In the past I have taken some Valentine’s day shots of the boys but didn’t get around to it this year…instead this was my “big” project…custom Valentine cards.  Drew was nearly impossible to do.  Trying to get a two year old to pretend to hold a lollipop and look at me at the same time, yep no interest.  And I wasn’t planning on the Metallica shirt making the final cut but you get what you get :)

2-13 048

This is what I found on my nightstand the other morning…..2-13 046

But I also found this one later in the day…..he is soooo my son. (I wrote excessive amounts of apology letters in my youth.  Total Catholic guilt :)  Apparently Luke has inherited that trait. (for the record, it says “drew, I sorry”)

2-13 045

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Bryann said...

I might have to steal your idea for next year...seriously the. cutest. Valentine. Ever.