Saturday, August 21, 2010


  I am not quite sure when he got this old….It seems like I have been waiting for this day forever (he gets to come to school with me everyday!) and dreading it at the same time.  He is not a little boy anymore….he is a full-fledged kindergarten.


The morning of the big day, I snuck in his room and took a picture.  Love, love, love that he still has his blankie.  I tell him daily that as soon as he gives it up, I am taking it over :)


And all ready for the big day (with new clothes from Momo!)IMG_0959

After a lot of deliberation, he went with the Buzz backpack. 


Drew and Luke (and their forced-I-am-over-your-camera-smiles)IMG_0962

Luke and EthanIMG_0964

Mrs. Harbour (who he ADORES!!)IMG_0968


and the very first Saturday, writing love notes to his teacher… :)IMG_1074

And I can’t forget my little Drew.  He is in the 3’s class and loves his teacher Miss Jennifer.  I told him to show me how old he was and he was convinced he is 4…..Luke, my little rule follower, is behind him holding up the correct # of fingers.IMG_0956

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daddy’s favorite season (FOOTBALL season!)

I have been a horrid blogger but with good reason… started up and I am asleep by 8:30.  Give me a few weeks and we will back to the swing of things :)  And I know, I know….my photo a day blog is missing a lot of days…I will catch up, eventually :)

About a week before school started, we dropped everything and headed off to the beach for the day.  I don’t have any pics because I left my camera at home.  On the way home we heard that the Chargers were opening their practice at the Q.  We ran home, showered, changed and headed back to SD. 

Teaching Luke and Drew the finer points of tailgating :)


Drew was so excited.  He loves to wear jerseys and anything and everything football.  He makes his daddy proud :)IMG_0843

Luke, the photographer IMG_0847

Drew’s eyes were HUGE when we got in there.  We were able to get as close to the field as possible.  IMG_0850

Luke brought his (fake) binoculars :)IMG_0854





John was in heaven…..wonder where Drew gets it :)


Love, love, love them



Drew loved watching the D Line drills.  He kept yelling “Hi Chargers… Hi!!!!!”IMG_0923

The big boys.IMG_0930

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An new annual tradition


Luke was able to go to football camp with John again this summer.  Drew decided to stay home with me but I have a feeling this will be the last time he misses out on all the fun.  Luke stayed in the dorms with all the “big” boys.  I think he had the time of his life.  He was talking about it for days….

The majority of the time was spent on the field.


Luke and his buddy NolanIMG_0116

Watching the boys practiceIMG_0121

…and telling silly secrets…..IMG_0126

And they were put to work.  Coach Candaele gave them some jobs….IMG_0146

and they took it very seriously.IMG_0147

….collecting cones…..IMG_0157

He was so happy…IMG_0159

….and goofy…..IMG_0164

and they are beat.  good luck in ten years boys, I think you are going to have work a bit harder at camp when you are a player :)IMG_0188

and please continue to keep my dear friend Cheree in your prayers and pray for peace for her family.  They still have not caught the awful, horrid man who did this to her.  It will haunt me forever to know the fear that she felt in her final moments.  :(((