Monday, July 22, 2013

Beach bonfire to say goodbye to Nick

On our last work day we headed down to the beach to say goodbye to one of Drew's most favorite people, Nick.  He was leaving the next day to go to Colorado and start training for football.

Last summer Charlie hated the sand.  Thank goodness, she warmed up a little quicker this year.


 My most favorite people.

John and his girl

 The whole group that came to say goodbye.

 Molly and Drew

 Drew was mesmerized by the bigger kids playing "bolleyball"  See the playground in the backgroud?  He had no interest. 

He is a sports loving little mess :)

 Charlie and Luke sure loved it though!

They had a contest to see who could hang longer.  Luke won. Can you tell? 

Drew and Nick's girlfriend Haley.

Nick with the crew.

Giving Charlotte some high fives.

and knuckles.

Time goes by way too fast....

Here are my little monkeys on the first day of school and the last.....

Goes way too quickly........

Kindergarten water day

Drew's kindergarten year went by WAY too fast.  When he started we had decided he was going to do two years of kinder.  So, for the first year I was going to be his teacher.  It has been one of my most favorite experiences.  I loved every minute.  Then, on the last day of school (literally!!) I started to second guess our decision.  The kids this year are one of the greatest groups. So, I am torn.  Looks like we will be avoiding that decision for another year.  It didn't help that he was super smart too.  :)

Drew and his buddy Lucy Kate.

Some of his best girls. Dylan, Presley and Hunter.

and more besties...Miriam and Maisy (notice the theme...he loves the ladies!)

 And his true best friend, Junior.  He was impressed with Junior's running skills.  He told me his was the running back to his quarterbac.

Easter 2013

There is something about holidays and Charlotte choosing those days to sleep in. 

Drives these boys crazy!

The loot.

Finally the princess woke up :)

(and as always, carrying toothpaste and a flosser where ever she goes)

(and I lost the sparkle shoe battle that morning...)

Love me some Drew.

and even more love this brother love.

on occasion Drew thinks he is a gangsta.  uh huh.  

After church we headed to Momo and Papa's.  I think Ruby likes the necklaces I made her.  She is wearing one too many though!!

Lila teaching Charlie how to "cheese"  

love, love, love

The Bunch family....not going to be a family of 5 much longer...

Getting ready for the kid egg hunt.  Youngest to oldest...

Luke, Jett, Drew, Lila, Ruby, Ben and Charlotte

Total madness

The Owens family

Drew and Jett, silly cousins

Anne Marie, Ethan and Raquel

Papa.  Apparently had enough. :)

Breaking into the candy.

Papa, Momo and their crew....

Nice one boys....