Monday, July 22, 2013

Easter 2013

There is something about holidays and Charlotte choosing those days to sleep in. 

Drives these boys crazy!

The loot.

Finally the princess woke up :)

(and as always, carrying toothpaste and a flosser where ever she goes)

(and I lost the sparkle shoe battle that morning...)

Love me some Drew.

and even more love this brother love.

on occasion Drew thinks he is a gangsta.  uh huh.  

After church we headed to Momo and Papa's.  I think Ruby likes the necklaces I made her.  She is wearing one too many though!!

Lila teaching Charlie how to "cheese"  

love, love, love

The Bunch family....not going to be a family of 5 much longer...

Getting ready for the kid egg hunt.  Youngest to oldest...

Luke, Jett, Drew, Lila, Ruby, Ben and Charlotte

Total madness

The Owens family

Drew and Jett, silly cousins

Anne Marie, Ethan and Raquel

Papa.  Apparently had enough. :)

Breaking into the candy.

Papa, Momo and their crew....

Nice one boys....

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