Monday, July 22, 2013

Beach bonfire to say goodbye to Nick

On our last work day we headed down to the beach to say goodbye to one of Drew's most favorite people, Nick.  He was leaving the next day to go to Colorado and start training for football.

Last summer Charlie hated the sand.  Thank goodness, she warmed up a little quicker this year.


 My most favorite people.

John and his girl

 The whole group that came to say goodbye.

 Molly and Drew

 Drew was mesmerized by the bigger kids playing "bolleyball"  See the playground in the backgroud?  He had no interest. 

He is a sports loving little mess :)

 Charlie and Luke sure loved it though!

They had a contest to see who could hang longer.  Luke won. Can you tell? 

Drew and Nick's girlfriend Haley.

Nick with the crew.

Giving Charlotte some high fives.

and knuckles.

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