Monday, April 20, 2009

Seriously Drew?!

Tonight we were outside (enjoying the heat!) and watching the kids play on the playground. Drew does EVERYTHING that Luke does. He fails to realize that he is still little (and my baby!) and has zero fear. Luke goes down the slide backwards, so does Drew. Luke went down with no hands, Drew giggles...then does the same. Well....Luke decided to go down face first. Drew.....well, just watch (wait for the second time down--oh, and Luke was trying to get more "creative")

*excuse the poor was taken with John's blackberry

yep..."boom!!" a face full of grass. over and over and over again....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Best Friends

So, Luke and I were talking tonight about all his favorites. Favorite color: green, favorite toy: legos, favorite food: pizza, favorite ride: "miracle-go-round" :) and favorite friend: Kaiden. Those two have a blast together.

Nothing like water fights.....

...or garage dance parties. Although both of them dance like total little white boys :)

Meanwhile Drew spent some quality time with Elmo.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Week 'o fun!

We are continuing to enjoy every. single. minute of our spring break with the boys. We enjoyed a great day at Legoland yesterday with the cousins.

Raquel, attempting to put Ethan in the legoland jail :)

my fiesty little Drew

Luke and Jett riding the train.

One of the best parts of the day was the firetruck race. Here is John teaching Ethan exactly what to do to beat the other trucks (and most importantly, the truck his mom and dad were driving)

Raquel.....very competitve!

Out of the truck and time to fight the fire!

And off to the finish line!

Lawrence, furiously trying to catch up

And guess who won?!
More playtime
Jett loved the slides. But he had an interesting way of heading down.....
Yep, every single time. Erin should have some video of it on her blog soon (hint, hint Erin)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Easter pics....

The boys had so much fun celebrating Easter yesterday and today. Not many things in life are better than cousins, candy and chaos!
Drew loves the "wheeeee" at Papa's
We got Jett a Superman cape and he loved it....well, almost as much as the Thomas stickers that Anne Marie got him.
And being silly. I know someday he is going to smile "normal" and I will so miss this little scrunched up face
Aunt Melinda wanted Papa to take some pictures for her company Peaceful Playgrounds. The kids were in heaven with all the toys that she brought. Although Drew really didn't know what to do with the hula-hoop
Ethan did though!
Drew's favorite thing in the! And yes, look at him--the mark on his head from falling off the bed, the scratched up arm from a fall on the hike the other day....and the day ended with three big fat swollen fingers from getting them slammed in the door. Still doesn't slow him down though!
Ok, so as I said above..."Peaceful" Playgrounds....that wasn't quite the case when it came to this big blue ball. Jett and Allie were determined to play with it.
Yep. Didn't end well......
Well, maybe for Jett!
It was getting pretty cold outside so the kids decided to come in and play with their Easter goodies. Kel and Ethan tried to teach Luke how to play Go Fish. He was doing really good until we realized that his cards were wonder they were winning :)

And lovely little Lila.

Raquel is going to be such a great babysitter and we all can't wait to cash in on that!! :)

Easter morning

The Easter Bunny came and spoiled the boys again this year. Drew could not believe that there were eggs all over the house that were filled with candy. Seriously, it was his dream come true!
The Easter Bunny went with a superhero theme....they each got a crash car.

And best of all, a superhero cape. Hmm.....not the best idea for a gift, both boys proceeded to leap off the know, to try and fly and all. :)
Drew, in time out. I think it was for trying to hit his brother. Although he found an egg in the corner.....sooo not exactly much of a punishment.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Just a cute one of my Drew from today.....more to come later!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

One fabulous playdate!

We were so lucky to be invited to the playdate of all playdates today! I have a darling boy named Luke (great name, huh?) in my kinder class and his mom invited us all over for a fantastic afternoon. My Luke couldn't believe his luck that he was able to go to a party at another Luke's house. He was counting down the days.... :)
Drew and Jett enjoying a little ride.

Xander, Luke and Luke

Gorgeous little Tressa

Drew, climbing anything and everything

Ty, Luke's little brother

Miss Mindi went all Martha Stewart on this playdate. She planned games, fabulous food, decor....Here are the Luke's cheering on their egg in the water race.

The kiddos.
Jett and Drew

Luke and Ashley, being silly

Jett, one cute cousin
Drew didn't really get the idea of the water balloon race....every balloon he was handed, he proceeded to squeeze and pop. So, he cheered on the racers!

We had such a great time and can't wait to get together again!! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Another family hike....

I took the boys over the Plateau for a little hike with Momo, Papa, Uncle Matt, Ama and the kids...we got there a few minutes before everyone else and the boys were THRILLED when they spotted an animal. Luke was bummed he didn't bring his "noculars".

And as they took a few steps went Mr. Bunny. But, yes, Luke shouted out goodbye (and a few ideas for him to tell the Easter Bunny.. :)
No hike would be complete without light sabers.

The group. (Papa looks thrilled).

Momo, lovin on her Drew-baloo.
We just love this girl.
Best buddies (most of the time....)

Drew and I.

Oh how I love that little face.
My Luke. I can't believe he is going to be 4 in less than a month.
Absolutely adore this picture. These boys love their Papa something fierce.
ok, so towards the end of our hike, Uncle Matt decided to show the kids his rock climbing abilities. We all were watching him........
...when we realized Drew was trying to follow suit. He made it pretty far up too.

Until Raquel stepped in and saved the day. He has some wicked motor planning skills but I need him to stay grounded for at least a few more years.....little daredevil.