Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Week 'o fun!

We are continuing to enjoy every. single. minute of our spring break with the boys. We enjoyed a great day at Legoland yesterday with the cousins.

Raquel, attempting to put Ethan in the legoland jail :)

my fiesty little Drew

Luke and Jett riding the train.

One of the best parts of the day was the firetruck race. Here is John teaching Ethan exactly what to do to beat the other trucks (and most importantly, the truck his mom and dad were driving)

Raquel.....very competitve!

Out of the truck and time to fight the fire!

And off to the finish line!

Lawrence, furiously trying to catch up

And guess who won?!
More playtime
Jett loved the slides. But he had an interesting way of heading down.....
Yep, every single time. Erin should have some video of it on her blog soon (hint, hint Erin)

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