Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A night at the beach

We headed down to the beach so I could take pictures of my friend and her family.  The boys wanted to go and get a sneak peek of the beach before our trip the following week.  A couple of buckets and some shovels and you would have thought we gave them the world.  They were so happy.


perma-grins the whole time….IMG_3255






Luke wanted to get some water for the castle they were building.  He was a bit nervous about it….IMG_3265

still waiting on that water to come to him….IMG_3266



my favorite….making sand angels.  (they practice this at home….silly boys…..)IMG_3281

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nothing like a summer kickoff at Disneyland!

…and it’s SUMMER!!!  We have all been waiting for this day for forever! We decided to kick things off with a trip to Disney.

Momo wanted to take the boys on things that we hadn’t been on before.  It started off with a trip on the train around the park.



Not sure what is up with this smile of his…..but gotta love him :)



Then we hit up Jungle Cruise.  Nope, not a new ride for the kids but one that they love (and one with a short line…it was CROWDED!)IMG_3693

Drew and Uncle Josh and Luke and Momo on Autopia.IMG_3695


We got some great seats for the parade and Lila (of course) entertained us all.IMG_3702


and Ruby was perfect, as always



This little girl is going to need to spend a lot of time with MY little girl because she is the perfect baby.  So happy, so easy and best of all….so cuddly!!!IMG_3708



Although Ruby wasn’t so sure of the big dog in her face :)IMG_3714

This boy loved the parade.  LOVED it.IMG_3715

So did this one.  He was convinced that every character was saying hi to him. :)IMG_3716

Baby Ben, at a big 16 days old, had his first experience at Disney.  He did great.IMG_3722

the new family of threeIMG_3724

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Preparing for a little girl….

Before little sister comes, we have a summer of projects! :) First one was getting her room ready.  Her room (and yes, we still don’t have a name…) was a bright, bright blue and I wanted it a pale, pale pink….so needless to say, John had his work cut out for him. :)  He did have two little helpers to help prime the walls though :))) IMG_3243

So, so lovely…





This is a horrible picture because it doesn’t accurately show the color, but once the room is all done I will post some more pics….but hey, at least it isn’t blue anymore!! :)IMG_3251

Happy Father’s Day to the worlds best Daddy


Here is the annual interview with the boys about their Dad.  It is amazing that not much changes year after year.  They both think his favorite things to do are play with them….love that.  I am missing a recent pic of John and Drew but I will get one soon.  It doesn’t help that Luke is the biggest Daddy’s boy right now.  I think he has forgotten he has a mom :( but Drew makes up for it…good ol Drew :)

John, you are an amazing father.  Every day I think about how much I wish YOUR dad was here to see the type of Daddy you have become.  I know he would have been so proud.  It is one of my greatest treasures in life to see, daily, what your children mean to you.  Everything you do, you do with them in mind.  In just a few short weeks you are going to be adding a daughter to this mix…..she is going to be the luckiest girl in the world.  I can’t wait to see you with a little girl.  Thank you for everything you do.  We love you… the moon and back!


1. What's something Daddy always says to you?
Luke: I love you 

Drew: Nice?  He loves me (and just for the record….Mean? Nothing, he doesn’t say nothing)

2. What makes Daddy happy?
Luke: When I play with him.  He really likes to play Star Wars and sports

Drew: from me? When I give him a kiss

3. What makes Daddy sad?
Luke: When I punch him or something

Drew: Uh…when I don’t be nice to him.

4. What does Daddy do that makes you laugh?
Luke: When he tickles me…..(three years and no change there.  I have always said John isn’t known for his jokes!)

Drew: He tickles me

5. What did Daddy like when he was a little boy?
Luke: He liked to play with army men and dip them in mud

Drew: He liked cars

6. How old is Daddy?
Luke: 87

Drew: Is he 5?

7. How tall is Daddy?
Luke: Really tall

Drew: Really tall

8. What's Daddy’s favorite thing to do?
Luke: Go on roller coasters at Disneyland

Drew: Watching movies with me

9. What do you think Daddy does when you're not around?
Luke: plays video games and cleans the house

Drew: Mow the lawn

10. If Daddy were to become famous, what would he be famous for?
Luke: Being the best football coach in the world

Drew: I don’t want to tell you (uh….ok :)

11. What is something Daddy is good at?
Luke: Being a coach for football

Drew: Making dinner for us like chicken nuggets.  I don’t know how he makes it.

12. What is something Daddy is not good at?
Luke: Lifting up the house

Drew: He is not very good at fighting.  He likes to fight but he can’t

13. What's Daddy’s job?
Luke: being a football coach

Drew: Nothing.  I don’t know what he does when he goes to work

14. What's Daddy’s favorite food?
Luke: chicken

Drew: Broccoli and he likes to drink water

15. Why are you proud of Daddy?
Luke: because he likes to play with me and he likes to do fun things with me and he goes to Disneyland and goes on fun rides and he likes to Legoland sometimes but not a lot.

Drew: because I just say I’m proud of him

16. If Daddy was a cartoon character, who would he be?
Luke: Phinneas (of the phinneas and ferb duo)

Drew: Woody

17. What do you and Daddy do together?

Luke: Play video games

Drew: Play cars

18. How are you and Daddy the same?
Luke: We look alike

Drew: I don’t know Mom!!!

19. How are you and Daddy different?

Luke: He has a goatee and I don’t.  He has no hair and I have hair.

Drew: Because we are not the same hair

20. How do you know Daddy loves you?

Luke: He says it to me all the time

Drew: Because he just says he loves me

21. What's Daddy’s favorite thing about Mommy?

Luke: I don’t know…..I guess because you are pretty

Drew: because you guys love each other…..if people kiss then they love people.  You and daddy kiss all the time

22. Where is Daddy’s favorite place to go?

Luke: Yellow Basket

Drew: He likes to go to Disneyland with me

Monday, June 20, 2011

Goodbye Kindergarten, HELLO 1st grade!!


I can’t believe it.  Luke’s kinder year is over and it went WAY TOO FAST.  I have absolutely loved having him in kinder and am so so sad it is over.  The last day of school was their kinder “graduation”.  The morning was spent at the Soaring Spirit assembly…IMG_3118

Ethan was honored for Author of the Month, clearly he was thrilled :)IMG_3120

Some of the teachers after performing a footloose songIMG_3124


Waiting to perform with his buddy ParkerIMG_3129

About five minutes before Luke was about to go on stage he started bawling.  I asked him what was wrong and he was DEVASTATED that Rin Rin wasn’t there yet…..little did he know that not only was she there but little Lila was entertaining the crowd of waiting parents….


stay little my boy.  please.


Mrs. Harbour introduced each of her students by saying what they wanted to be when they grew up.  We had a slew of teachers, army men, cops……but my son, he wants to be a Jedi. :)IMG_3156

Getting ready to dance to High School Musical…..striking a pose.IMG_3177


a little off here but thats ok….IMG_3193

The group number.  And yes, Lila stayed front and center the whole time :)IMG_3205

and Luke ate. it. up.  He loves her.IMG_3207


Performing the big number……we are leaving for 1st grade!!!!IMG_3232




Luke and Mrs. HarbourIMG_3239


Me and my boy.  I love him.  He is off to 1st grade and oh so ready.  He is reading everything in sight, loves math, has made oodles of friends…yes, he is ready but this momma, not so much…..IMG_3241