Monday, June 27, 2011

Nothing like a summer kickoff at Disneyland!

…and it’s SUMMER!!!  We have all been waiting for this day for forever! We decided to kick things off with a trip to Disney.

Momo wanted to take the boys on things that we hadn’t been on before.  It started off with a trip on the train around the park.



Not sure what is up with this smile of his…..but gotta love him :)



Then we hit up Jungle Cruise.  Nope, not a new ride for the kids but one that they love (and one with a short line…it was CROWDED!)IMG_3693

Drew and Uncle Josh and Luke and Momo on Autopia.IMG_3695


We got some great seats for the parade and Lila (of course) entertained us all.IMG_3702


and Ruby was perfect, as always



This little girl is going to need to spend a lot of time with MY little girl because she is the perfect baby.  So happy, so easy and best of all….so cuddly!!!IMG_3708



Although Ruby wasn’t so sure of the big dog in her face :)IMG_3714

This boy loved the parade.  LOVED it.IMG_3715

So did this one.  He was convinced that every character was saying hi to him. :)IMG_3716

Baby Ben, at a big 16 days old, had his first experience at Disney.  He did great.IMG_3722

the new family of threeIMG_3724

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