Sunday, July 26, 2009

More cheap entertainment....

The boys were getting a little stir crazy after our Lego-extravagnza afternoon so we decided to play in the water outside.
Don't even ask......
Poor little thing...he tried (SO MANY TIMES) to get water from the turtle to the water table. The hole on the bottom didn't deter him! After about 8 tries he tried to use a shovel....still wasn't that successful :)
Luke who was enthralled with the idea of "writing" on the sidewalk. We might go a little crazy tomorrow and bust out the chalk! :)

monkey see....monkey do
And then the water fight ensued. Luke had a little water shooter.....I had the hose ;)
good luck there buddy

Can you tell whose team Drew was on!??

Daddy's away...the boys will play

We are approaching day 3 of no Daddy....they miss him terribly. Although, they have been making him "presents"
Luke has created many Lego creations that he just knows Daddy will love.

This is "speeder"
And Drew, well....Drew decided to color him a picture. Yep, on HIMSELF :)

He was so, so proud.....
And here he is showing me his owie...he got stung by a bee last night and the poor kid has been walking around on his tip toes.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jett's House=Party House!

John is out of town at his annual football camp. I took the boys over to Rin Rin's for some playtime with Jett. There is nothing like another kid's toys :) I tried to get some pictures of the boys but Rin Rin had cowboy cookies ready for them right when we got needless to say, they were on a sugar high. And it didn't help that the cookies where the size of their heads....literally :)

Just a cute one of Lila from last night.....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

someone please talk to him.... :)

we had a fun little swim date at Kel and Ethan's house yesterday. Jett and Drew were having a blast, as usual, and playing ball in the pool. Well, Jett threw the ball over Drew's head and it went towards the deep end. Now, Jett, being the smartie he is, told Drew to "go get it" and Drew being a little too fearless, said "otay Jett!" and took off. Yes, he has a floatie swimsuit on...but shouldn't he be scared of the open water?!? And yes, he got the ball.
He woke up first thing this morning and asked to go swimming again. Little fish...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Movie Night!

These boys love a good movie, add in some popcorn and they are in heaven. Luke had to call Papa right away though and tell him that "Night at the Museum was on channel 53". (they stayed up late one night at the beach to watch this) And yes, they both love to be shirtless lately. Actually, Drew loves to be as naked as possible... :) He always tells me everything is "too big, too big mama" so he can strip down. Nothing like a house full of boys! :)
Love the two fisting Luke.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The definition of a bestie

Erin and I had always hoped that our boys, being only 4 months apart, would be the best of friends. Well, I think we have nothing to worry about. These two are like peas in a pod lately. They adore each other. There is nothing cuter. Drew thinks Jett is the funniest thing in the world.

They have the same cheesy grin...and both love mugging it up for the camera.
They both LOVE to eat. Here Jett is eating off Drew's plate...

But man oh man, they love each other

I hope they stay like this forever.
Seriously, come cute are they?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Vacation in a million and one pictures!

Well, we are home from our vacation. We had the time of our lives and enjoyed every single minute. Of course, the entire time is well documented by oodles and oodles of pictures. Of course, the biggest event was Drew turning 2! :) (if you knew how long it took him to master the art of 2 fingers....)
My love bug, Luke. He told me today "Mommy, did I ever tell you how much I love you? is to the world and back." Ahh.....I love him!

My boy, his Papa and his Papa's camera.
Me and my loves.
A 3 generation pic...everyone looking a different direction, but hey, we tried!
Luke found (and brought home) a ton of rocks. He thought they were true treasures.
A family picture
Drew and I
Nothing sweeter.
Luke and his Daddy

Love this picture
John, showing Drew where all the sharks and fish are (he has a deep love for sharks!)
So, on day 2, Jett, Rin Rin, Lila, Anne Marie, Kel and Ethan came back and we had a full day at the beach. Jett started off so clean....just wait and see how he ended up!
Drew was happy while eating and playing games with "Ama" he still wasn't loving the sand and the water
Papa and Lila spent some quality time together...they ended up napping most of the day!
And she sunbathed a bit...
Luke was so excited about going to the beach and being able to wear a wetsuit. I think he thought he was really going to surf...well, silly boy barely went in the water. By midday I convinced him to change into something a bit cooler.
It is amazing how much time they can spend digging, digging, digging.
So, here is Drew at the start of the day.....yep, hating the sand.
ok, it is getting a bit better....
venturing out a bit.....
And finally!! enjoying the good ol surf..... :)
He loved it (as I knew he would...)
so, like I said earlier...Jett enjoyed the was in every crevice of his little body...
Cute pic of Luke, right? Well he is posing for Raquel's camera...I just happened to catch it. I can barely get the boy to smile normal for me....she pulls out a camera and he was posing all over the place. Figures!
The final day we spent on a long hike to pier....
A kids paradise...a playground right on the beach
Here is where Drew really scares me. He climbed up the slats of the pier so fast....monkey!
Luke, surveying the ocean
Drew loving every minute of it
Luke loved watching the surfers. He asked John if he needs to be 30 to surf....hopefully not.

We stopped at the end of the pier for lunch. By this point, Drew was out. Of course, he had his little hands tucked in...he has done that since he was born.
And no hike is complete without a stop for ice cream on the way home....
We had a great time! Thanks Momo and Papa...we can't wait to do it again!!!