Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another day, another adventure

Today is Rin Rin and Uncle Sean's 2nd anniversary (kinda like their first since last year he was in Australia at this time) and since they were going to have a date night, we decided to take all the kids somewhere fun. Originally we were going to go to the Wild Animal Park but when the earthquake happened, Momo didn't think that would be the best idea. :) All summer I have been looking for some indoor playground thing for the kids. Well, one little google search later and I found a place in Temecula. It was fantastic!
After this little disaster this morning, I knew we had to get out of the house! *Actually John thought this was the best, here they are-playing together for almost an hour*
This place had everything....ball pits, bikes, costumes, slides, anything and everything a kid could want.
Of course it was Drew's idea of paradise....a million and one things to climb

Ok, they had this caterpillar tunnel that Baby Jett love, love, loved! He was practically giddy as he went in and out, in and out. He would poke his little head out and grin like crazy. So cute.
The costume section was a huge hit with Luke. He was Shrek, Dash, a pit crew for Lightning McQueen, and much to John's dismay, a butterfly at one point. :)
These two are going to be troublemakers someday....I can already see it!

The kids were little maniacs in the place. Running from one activity to the next. They were jumping on trampolines, climbing slides, diving into ball pits, doing anything and everything. Well, until someone showed up.....................All three of these boys have an obsession with their Papa. They fight for his attention. Drew will shake his head no at me and say "nononononono" if I try and get him from Papa. But I think Jett takes it the hardest. When Papa first got there he was holding Drew. Um, Jett collapsed when he saw this. On the floor, head buried, sobbing. So, since the arrival of Papa stopped almost all play, he decided to sneak out. And yes, he is obviously way more fun then all these toys. Look at what Jett looked like when he realized "Pa" was gone.............................

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Uncle Josh's mini me

We went up to my parents house tonight and I was looking at pics of us as kids. Drew really does look so much like Uncle Josh. I took a pic of a pic so you could see the similarity. Now, Drew is rocking a much better hairstyle then Josh did but don't they look alike? At least a lot more than Drew and Luke do!!

Josh--many, many years ago
While we were up there we decided to try that kite flying again. First, one of the kids FAVORITE things to do is ride in the golf cart with Papa. They go for a drive to see the horses, donkeys and llamas. Luke loves it all!
So, we decided to try to fly the kite. There was a bit more wind....
Well John had to "create" a lot of that wind. He went running down this hill to try and get the kite into the air. Negative. The bad part was Luke went running after him but decided not to take the trail. He started tumbling down a hill. I ran to get him and he was laying in a nest of red ants. They were EVERYWHERE. I grabbed him and ran...needless to say, kite flying is officially over. *Although Luke did thank my profusely for "rescuing" him.
Drew love, love, loves dogs. We are not quite sure where that came from because neither of us are huge animal people (and Luke seems to have followed in our footsteps). But Drew loves the animals. "Dag-dag-dag" is a regular word in his vocabulary.
And lastly, one other great thing about Momo and Papa's is Fudgescicles. As you can see, Drew throughly enjoyed his.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Operation Let's Go Fly a Kite= Big fat FAIL!

Since our morning started with more of this.....

we decided we needed to get these boys out of the house and to the park. Luke has been dying to fly his Woody kite so, this evening we headed over there to test it out. Of course, you
can't be seen at the park unless you are wearing your cool shades. :)

Along with an eager little boy, a kite, a big huge grassy area....all you would need is wind. Um...............

So John tried to create wind by running and throwing the kite into the air.....Well, look right behind Luke--that was the highest the kite ever flew. Yeah, a big fat fail! :)

Thank goodness for the playground!

Drew, so happy to be in the swing

I just love them.

And just because I love to look at my old pictures of the kids...Here is Luke at the same park, on the same slide, with Daddy right behind him- when he was about the same age as Drew.

And Drew in the very same spot, tonight.

Friday, July 25, 2008

stay small....please.

Bath time is one of our very favorite times of the day. Well, it use to be for us. But now these boys love to splash. Actually, soak, anything and everything. This is the main reason why the second picture is slightly blurry, no one is looking at the camera....they are both moments away from an all out splashfest. :)
Here is a picture of their very first bath together. I love how little Luke looks. I still remember how thrilled he was that he was getting to "help" with Drew. The cup in his hand had to get taken away moments later....he would have drowned his poor brother. :)

The water level has stayed the same but the amount of toys has apparently increased. And Drew is looking at John because he had just gotten the ever popular "Drew, sit down!"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Seriously, he IS a monkey.

I have no idea what I am going to do. Drew is officially out of control in the climbing department. He climbed out of his crib today. Completely out of his crib. (and yes, before anyone asks, it is on the LOWEST setting possible. He is in a pack and play tonight until we figure out a better solution). He apparently has some wicked monkey feet or the best motor planning skills I have ever seen. I knew he wasn't too happy about naptime but I had no idea when I heard a huge thud that he would have the ability to climb out. I don't think Luke could climb out--even now at 3 years old. But wait, our little daredevil didn't stop there....well, just take a look.
Luke was the smart one when he told us that Drew needed to borrow his helmet. Maybe we should have listened and kept it on all day. (and Luke is back into photography, he took this picture--I think I love it because I adore the way Drew is looking at his brother)--now if he could just look up to him and imitate Luke's overly cautious ways, we would be in business!

He isn't even completely stable on his two feet! Why oh why does he think he can stand on small items??!

Here he is attempting to climb on the table. Yes, he made it to the top. And no, I don't have any pictures of that because as soon as he made it to the top, he fell. I caught him but of course, he still got a bump on the forehead.

And this is the face we get when we remove the chairs so he can't get up on the table. Except that face also comes with a loud scream. He is MAD.

And this brings us to injury #87 of the day. Uh huh....our one year old got his second bloody nose in less than a week. This time it was a fall on a laundry basket. I swear our house is so babyproofed but he is like a little Houdini.

But then, all his little antics are forgotten when I see a face like this. Oh Drew baloo what are we going to do with you?! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

another adventure....

These boys have the life. They were spoiled (again!) by Momo on a trip to a children's museum. Although the best part for Luke may have been the ride over there holding Momo's GPS phone. He already loves to be a back seat driver and this took it to a whole other level. He loved shouting out directions, "turn left Daddy, in 1.3 miles!!"
Luke got in this boat and started singing ""row, row, your boat" Glad to see Drew was the lookout man though.
The musuem had a firetruck, ambulance, police cars, motorcycles, etc for the boys to sit in and pretend. Luke jumped in the cop car and the very first thing he said was, "where's my seatbelt??" He is such a rule follower. Um, Luke, the car doesn't have any keys, an engine and is inside of a building, dude, I think you are ok. :)

Drew loving life inside the fire truck. Well, actually I think he loved Momo playing peek-a-boo with him.

And here he is blowing her kisses. Oh how I don't ever want him to stop doing this. It is just. too. dang. cute.

Remember how I said Luke was a rule follower? Well, there was another little girl in this kitchen/house area who was just making a mess. Luke came running over to me and said "Momma, can I make a mess in there too?" Who asks if they can make a mess? He is so odd. :) And yes, he is on a big "momma" kick lately. I miss hearing "mommy".......

Everything in Drew's world is "dat". He points to anything and everything. We need to work on increasing that vocabulary. But I do love those chubby little fingers.

Since Luke wants to a fire engine (yes, engine!) when he grows up, this had to be his favorite part.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Are these the kinds of things he is going to need therapy for later in life? ;)

I don't think I will be receiving any mother of the year awards anytime soon.....Tonight I was doing some vacuuming and right as I was in the middle of the backward motion, Luke ran full fledged into the vacuum handle. It turned purple almost immediately. Then, as I was comforting him (and remember, he can be dramatic but oh holy goodness he was screaming) Drew started to try and steal his blanket. In Drew's determination to steal the blanket, he bit Luke. Hard. I have never missed John more :)

Then as we were walking upstairs Luke was sobbing, sobbing! And he said "I neeeeed my Daddy to come home. Right now. My momma and Drew just keep hurtin me" Oh man, if I didn't feel guilty already- that just iced the cake.

sadly this picture makes it look a lot better. (and that is his mad face about the whole situation....)


On a much different note, tonight I was at Target buying a TON of school supplies and when I went to check out there was this lady in front of me. She was asking me if I was buying all of that glue, scissors, etc and if I had to pay for it. I said yes, that is why I stock up when its cheap. ;) She said that is ridiculous that teachers have to pay for that stuff. She pulled a $20 out of purse and said she hoped that helped a little and took off. How nice is that??? She took off before I could even really thank her. It was such an incredibly kind gesture.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Boy oh boy(s)!!!

So, I have been trying to make a better effort blogging since we have been off this summer. I didn't have any new pics to post tonight so I was going to post some oldies but goodies. Oh, but wait, my little monsters decided to have a party with paper (toilet paper) all. over. the. house. Take a look.....
**oh and this time I have an excuse for the lack of clothes--we had a messy pasta dinner and I stripped them down after eating. :)
This should have been my first clue- Luke running the house with fists full of paper while Drew giggled a giggle I had never heard before!
And the madness begins....

Apparently toilet papering is tiring and he needed to take a little break.

And then back to the craziness. Drew thought this was the best part. He was laughing so hard as Luke threw mounds and mounds of paper on him.

***The night ended with the always fun- Who-can-clean-the-most-contest? Somehow Mommy always wins that one....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Monkey love

The boys have been missing their Daddy like crazy (he is away at a football camp). So, today for lunch I got a little creative (how Martha Stewart of me, I know) :) but Luke loved it.

Look at my good little helper....the vacuum weighs about as much as he does so the novelty of "cleaning" wore off super fast. (And yes, my children do wear normal clothes we have just been a bit lazy this summer) :)
Drew wasn't helping us, he was perfecting his skills. (All of Luke's art supplies have had to be removed because of this little monkey).
Mission accomplished. The grin I get when I "catch him" is priceless. He is so, so proud of himself.
What I am going to do with him?! :)