Monday, July 21, 2008

Are these the kinds of things he is going to need therapy for later in life? ;)

I don't think I will be receiving any mother of the year awards anytime soon.....Tonight I was doing some vacuuming and right as I was in the middle of the backward motion, Luke ran full fledged into the vacuum handle. It turned purple almost immediately. Then, as I was comforting him (and remember, he can be dramatic but oh holy goodness he was screaming) Drew started to try and steal his blanket. In Drew's determination to steal the blanket, he bit Luke. Hard. I have never missed John more :)

Then as we were walking upstairs Luke was sobbing, sobbing! And he said "I neeeeed my Daddy to come home. Right now. My momma and Drew just keep hurtin me" Oh man, if I didn't feel guilty already- that just iced the cake.

sadly this picture makes it look a lot better. (and that is his mad face about the whole situation....)


On a much different note, tonight I was at Target buying a TON of school supplies and when I went to check out there was this lady in front of me. She was asking me if I was buying all of that glue, scissors, etc and if I had to pay for it. I said yes, that is why I stock up when its cheap. ;) She said that is ridiculous that teachers have to pay for that stuff. She pulled a $20 out of purse and said she hoped that helped a little and took off. How nice is that??? She took off before I could even really thank her. It was such an incredibly kind gesture.


Angela, Matt, and Braden Johnson said...

I get pissed off every time I think about the fact that teachers have to buy their own supplies!!!!! We appreciate all that you do. I will especially appreciate you when Braden is in school....maybe in your class!!!

Kreg and Nicole said...

That's pretty cool that lady did you give out a wish list to your parents? Wal-mart has dirt cheap supplies right now too. What a good teacher you are, and I would go ahead and give you a mommy award too :) Chicks dig scars, right?