Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Luke’s Fall was DYNAMITE :)

Luke had his Fall Showcase last Friday.  It was a big deal because Daddy took the day off to come and watch. 

Luke’s own cheering section


Getting ready to rock it on stage :)IMG_6807

At this point he almost missed the start of the dance because he was scanning the crowd for his dadIMG_6810




slight spaghetti arms :)IMG_6816

Luke’s buddies Mack and ColieIMG_6818

…..and he is still looking….IMG_6819





After the performance, Luke and his best buddies, Micah, Mack and BenIMG_6837

Charlotte, Luke and DrewIMG_6839

Luke’s classIMG_6843




His friend, MikailaIMG_6849


Luke, Ben and Mack



Colie and Luke (they have known each other since they were itty bitty)IMG_6859



here is a link to the show….Luke’s is the first song and he is on the right side of the stage in the front

and a pic of my kinders from their show :)))



Saturday, October 15, 2011

Charlotte’s baby stats

Our girl is getting big so so quickly. 


At 1 month she weighed 10lbs 10 oz and was the 96% and she was 24” which was over 100% for height


At two months Charlie is 12lbs (which is 80%) and 25 1/2” which is still at 100% and best of all, we get these grins all the time.  IMG_6762-2 IMG_6789

little moments

I love my time off with Charlotte and Drew…..but many of our days were spent like this….. IMG_6194

yep, loading up in the car to get Luke from school.  I have had some of my most favorite conversations with Drew during these drives.  Little boy is funny.  IMG_6197

and little sis did great (the commute is about an hour roundtrip). IMG_6248

A surprise for the boys….

We told the boys we had a surprise that we were taking them to…..they had a million guesses


this little one was along for the rideIMG_6251

Luke had been asking me questions for a week….here is his journal of clues :)IMG_6254

Drew wanted no part of the guessingIMG_6256

sooo we decided to play hangman on the (long) ddriveIMG_6259

for as smart as this kid is, this game took awhileIMG_6260



Total, utter shock!!IMG_6265


When Drew woke up Luke shared the good news :)IMG_6269

We had some dinner before the big show.  Yes, John’s face says it all.IMG_6270





We had a GREAT time.  (although Phinenas and Ferb looked a little freaky….very large eyes).  Drew and Luke were singing songs from the show for weeks.  It ranks up there with some of my favorite memories :))

Sunday, October 9, 2011

and another football post :)


A few more pictures from some recent football games… Charlotte looking very “”jazzercise-ish”


Luke and his mini meIMG_6200

Why oh why does she look so big??IMG_6201





Drew had no interest in photos….he was imitating the big big boys in his imaginary gameIMG_6212

someday little man, someday (and that will be too soon for this mama)IMG_6214



photo by LukeIMG_6228





My three lovesIMG_6241