Sunday, May 31, 2009


While Daddy spent the day doing stuff like this.....

the boys spent their day doing this....

my-oh-so-cautious Luke...

and Drew, yes he was still in pajamas....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

silly little boys...

Drew, our one shoe wonder....
Luke was actually wanting me to take his picture....a rarity! so I took advantage of it...
yep, didn't last too long :)

Drew saw his brother laying in the grass and tried to come over and "pose" too

oh...and here is a funny about my boy Luke. The other night he told me that when he gets married he is going to have no kids. So, of course, I ask him why wouldn't he want kids. His answer "so my wife and I can sleep"
John and I reaaally need to stop talking about how tired we are lately. But oh how he is my son.... :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A trip to the zoo with my monkeys

A couple of weeks ago, Momo and I took the boys down to the San Diego Zoo. They loved it! The zoo is not small and both of them hiked all over the place.
As I am sure you know, Drew is my daredevil....a climbing little manic. Um, apparently he has a deep fear of metal sculptures...he hated it.

He carried this map around All. Day. Long.
The polar bear exhibit was probably their favorite. The polar bear spent the majority of its time right in front of them.

Very close up.

One cute little monkey.
And a picture of me and my boys....

Silly boys

Drew is one silly little monkey. Momo pulled out a bubble machine and Drew proceeded to stand DIRECTLY in front. Trust me, we tried to get him to move....
I mean come on, that can't feel good, can it?!?

And how sweet is this? Luke ADORES Lila. He pretty much thinks she is the most precious thing ever. And look at her grinning at him....too cute.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday bonanza!

Luke's birthDAY turned into a birthWEEK. He celebrated every chance he could.
We had a birthday dinner (with ama, warren and kids) at Red Robin. He was pretty shocked when they proceeded to sing to him. Drew literally flew to the other side of the table when he saw what Luke got. :) He was like a little bird waiting for Luke to give him some.Best buddies....
And then we had a Superhero party on Saturday. Luke woke up every morning asking if it was his "party day". Here he was in all his 4 year old glory.

A few party details....

And of course, a superhero hideaway
Jett came fully decked out in his hero gear but then proceeded to ride the train the rest of the time. I think Thomas maybe the next caped crusader..
One of the only times I caught him for a pic, he was off and running with his crew all day. (But check out the way the child eats his hot dog...)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our very first 4 year old...

My Luke,
How is it possible that you are turning 4 tomorrow? These have been the best 4 years of our lives. There has been no greater joy than watching you grow. You are my cuddler and will never miss an opportunity to tell us that you love us. In fact, just the other day you told me you loved me more than fifty-five cents. What could be better than that?

You have the world’s biggest heart. You feel terrible if you think you have disappointed us. You are quick to apologize and always want us “to be happy” with you.

You love to spend your time coloring and creating. I adore the pictures you have made for me and there is nothing sweeter than seeing your little name written on anything and everything. You have started to show an interest in the “big boy” toys….legos, star wars and superheroes. Although you still love your blankey..and the very favorite "corner". :)

You are cuter than cute. You get new "kisses from God" almost everyday, and oh how the girls adore you. You smile cheesy smiles, and giggle as we wrestle or you kung fu panda around the house.

You are everybody's best friend, especially little Drew. He looks up to you, wants to walk like you, talk like you and you are are great role model for him. Oh how you make us so proud as you chase Drew around and around. You reserve your biggest smiles and love for him, especially first thing in the morning...

We can’t wait to see what life has in store for you. You are growing up to be an amazing little boy. Happy Birthday Lukers. We love you (to the moon and back…)